without a doubt the thing that annoys me the most about the Gen F visually is the headlights . we did a shoot at the original HSV factory. 7 | Samsung … Was even going to see if Corsa would make me some 2.5″ clamp on oval tips like used on the 3″ ’04 exhaust. PM me if you want his contact info. Talk to the owner AL. Can’t go wrong with the originals if you can get them.

Another theory is that this is a 2017 GTS and the previous spy photos were GTSR (although I think others have already ruled that theory out). Autocar, the world’s leading motoring magazine and website, delivers industry-leading news, the most in-depth car reviews and opinion from our team of experts. Im running 20×10 with 285 size tyre and +48. Yes! . am I looking at a 2017 GTS? so how do I insert a photo that isn’t on the web?

For all that at that price id grab it. Cannot wait. SHould be an awesome piece of kit …… But here’s a youtube of removing trim in same spot in a commodore. . Sorry just read the entire thread So you’re saying the DS2500’s chewed up the rotor fairly quickly ? Now the Holden Warranty/Manual makes zero reference to track days.

Does the owners manual show you how to turn all the nannies off like Garth Tander did in one of the videos he drifted it for about 150 meters. /// The height. 2 days after I got it I went to Tunehouse in Sydney, got a catback exhaust, OTR and a tune, ended up with 322rwkw (on a hub dyno). You can contact HSV and they can tell you everything you need to know. Hope you guys follow and as soon as I get back I will start on my new artwork. I want to fix the car up and bring it back to factory or factory optioned condition, at least in the looks department. The W427 has been fitted with an all new clutch, gearbox, differential and exhaust to cope with the incredible 375kW (or 500hp in the old money) and 650Nm on tap.

Sir Hsv no i don’t have any problems with the rear tyres had all the kits put in to keep it from doing that. nah, i havnt seen any recently sorry! The upcoming LSA kit sounds interesting… They are perfect for that. PRESTIGE For those HSV owners who like that extra touch of class, the HSV “Prestige” pack comes complete with a 290ml mouth blown glass whiskey tumbler, an executive style pocket sized leather business card holder with metal money clip and a leather style twist action pen with chrome finish, all packaged in a stylish, black leather finished gift box. Is there any to fix this? Not that i’ve even used cruise control yet, but FG has one up on holden there, it works and does the job im sure, but looks out dated.

Then consider some more down time for the diff & about another week on redoing the interior to simulate the HSV GTS. I have a few questions I’m hoping some might be able to help me with. The car is being repainted as we speak and I currently have a thread going on this. Would love to see some pics if it is. STEREO: – Pioneer 200w Head Unit – Alpine Splits up Front – Alpine 6″ in Rear – Kicker 12″ Sub in box – Kicker 4 Channel 800w Amp – Kicker wiring kit OTHER – Holden VT-VZ Strut Tower Brace – Battery relocated to Boot – 15% Black Tint – Plenty of tini tiny TLC things that I have done to the car that you really got to look at hard to suss out. cool, I feel honored (i guess). Here is my 2000 HSV GTS VT2,I have had abit of a bad run with it in the four years i owned it,original C4B blew up twice, so hence why it now has a LS3 Engine, and must say is super reliable and really does have some torque.

I may be in the minority, but I think the SS looks better. and funnily enough while looking around in it today trying to work out how to have the rear seat removed to repair the damaged springs I found $1.02, a used paddle pop stick, a pin, a seal off something and amazingly found 3 of the 4 interior pieces of the car i am missing – Score!!!!! also if you have had it done either method how much has it cost you to get it done? Very nice setup that’s what I call a complete upgrade/a one off I like the rims, grey although in one photo they look silver on the spoke outer.