Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals. Synonym or cross reference: Herpes simiae virus, herpesvirus simiae, B virus, herpes B virus, herpes B, monkey B virus, monkey herpes infection, simian herpesvirus B infection, and B virus infection. AAALAC International expects accredited institutions to comply with all national or regional regulations, policies and guidelines, as well as conditions of funding. Animals were normally housed in stable social groups in outdoor cages but were individually caged for short intervals for research projects and hospitalization. The common core structure (αβββαβ topology) includes a four-stranded, mixed β-sheet flanked by an α-helix on both sides. The 2 clinical cases described in this report originated at the WaNPR–Seattle facility; contact animals described originated at the WaNPR–Tulane facility. This high case-fatality rate has led to strict regulations for handling macaques and macaque clinical samples in laboratories and resulted in the designation of MaHV1 as a Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) pathogen and, until recently, a select agent (2,7,9).

These estimates are based on paleontological fossil records, as well as sequence comparisons of mitochondrial genes (Schrago and Russo, 2003; Stewart and Disotell, 1998). These virus will infect people who work in close proximity to monkeys and are considered a potential health risk to humans. In times of high stress, however, an overtaxed immune system in the host allows the virus to become active. Indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) and other rapid serological tests based on a solubilized, B virus-infected cell antigen have been developed and used for the identification of infected animals (8, 21, 28, 39), with subsequent confirmation by Western blotting to identify specific targets that are immunoreactive with serum antibodies (54). Untreated, about 80% of human BV patients die, and survivors frequently experience progressive neurological sequelae. GCV is twice as potent as ACV in B virus plaque reduction, yet the median effective concentration (EC50) of GCV for B virus is almost 10 times higher than that for HSV-1 (38). The antiviral activities of a number of marketed antiherpes drugs and experimental compounds were compared against BV strains and, for comparison, HSV type 1 (HSV-1) in Vero cell cultures.

In the family Asfarviridae, we only selected the African swine fever virus (ASFV, NC_001659) in the genus Asfivirus. In North America 60% of all deaths of young captive live-born Asian elephants between 4 months to 15 years of age have been attributed to EEHV. Results of this study provide insights about ovarian aging and reproductive senescence in vervet monkeys and will increase understanding of the interaction between reproductive phenomena and multiple disease processes associated with aging. Attention Members: To access the full text of the articles, be sure you are logged in to the AALAS website. Worldwide, monkey temples may account for more human-primate contact than any other activity. Due to the fact that this specific CeHV-1 DPOL primer set does not amplify any DNAs of HHV-1 or HHV-2 genome this technology is stressing and can be successfully used unlimited and more credible in all laboratories with PCR technical facility routinely for detection of a CeHV-1 infection in vivo or in vitro. If not, what are the most effective remedies there are?

While there have been several suspected cases, there have been no confirmed cases of human HVS1 infection. The results of these studies indicate that the six primer combinations of the specific CeHV-1 DPOL primer set is the method of choice for a rapid, precise and specific identification of a CeHV-1 infection by PCR. The similarity of the drug sensitivities of HVP2 and BV in both models validates the use of HVP2 as a BSL2 level model that can be used to predict drug sensitivity of BV. Using the secretory form of the gD protein as antigen in dot blot analysis, sera from B virus-infected monkeys were shown to react with the mutant protein without nonspecific reaction. Animal act means any use of NHPs for entertainment in which the NHPs are trained to perform some behavior or action and are part of a show, performance, or exhibition. Eberle, J. Recommendations for Prevention of and Therapy for Exposure to B Virus ( Cercopithecine Herpesvirus 1)Clin Infect Dis.

The partial gB and DPOL sequences can be connected by long-distance PCR, producing final contiguous sequences of approximately 3.5 kbp. This is especially true when animals are under stress, such as those that have been recently shipped or introduced into a new situation, or have developed a recent illness. Strains differed in respect of the dose required to produce clinical disease in BALB/c mice. The multiple-sequence alignment was generated using ClustalW2 (European Bioinformatics Institute; with default settings and rendered using Jalview 2.7 ( (99). The macaques presented with typical skin lesions as well as severe thrombocytopenia as a result of infection. Such colonies were originally conceived as a means to cull diseased animals from research-dedicated colonies, with the goal of eliminating debilitating or fatal infectious agents from the colony to improve the reproductive capacity of captive research animals.