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Butterfield, David K. Bays, M. What sleeper from the early round winners do you think will go far? I think that this win will give us added self confidence to reach the playoffs. You split the season series with Wurzburg 1-1. ‘We defended long phases with heart, but we didn’t have consistent ball movement in the game. In the 2011-2012 season, Mixich made his debut in the German Regionalliga 2 with RSV Eintracht Stahnsdorf 2 at the tender age of 14.

It is not common for such young players to see so many minutes, so therefore I am very thankful that I am getting minutes. The middle of the week days are usually reserved for the international club games where a Brose Bamberg is usually battling away at home against a Real Madrid or CSKA Moscow’s or are tingling around somewhere in Europe at a Macabbi Tel Aviv or FC Barcelona, but this week there were also other teams in action from the easyCredit BBL, but also in the NBBL there was a make up game between two teams Eintracht Frankfurt/Fraport Skyliners and Team Urspring that could be classified at the moment belonging to the top basketball schools as in the last years both teams have developed big talents like Johannes Voigtmann, Danilo Barthel and now Isaac Bonga while Team Urspring have brought out talent after talent like Lucca Staiger, Christian Standhardinger, Gavin Schilling or Mahir Agva that played his first BBL game at age 16 and now plays for the Fraport Skyliners and is fighting for minutes from head coach Gordon Herbert. It is always hard for smaller players to play basketball in general, but I think if a coach looks past that and sees the good things he can bring to a team, such as defensive pressure and his shooting he has a chance.’, warned Virgil Matthews. Because of the confidence that I get at the moment from my coach in the Pro A, I feel like I can develop further’, warned Daniel Mixich. ‘My goal has always been to play one day in the BBL. The German knows that the odds to reach the big basketball show in Germany isn’t impossible as there have been guys to reach the EasyCredit BBL from the Regionalliga like a Steve Wachalski or a Devin Uskowski, but he won’t have to put in just 100% on the floor, but rather 180%. ‘It will not be easy, that’s true.

His second year he was great. I think I have just helped him a bit to see the game, know where the ball needs to go, and sometimes make the plays that aren’t designed sometimes’, added Virgil Matthews. Towards the second half of the season he was starting, I am pretty sure a role that no one saw him in, and probably played better in the playoffs than any other player on the team. All in all, fans can witness the American talent at the point guard position each weekend as the names go on and one with guys like basketball globetrotter Marcus Hatten or a Carrington Love of Kirchheim or a Chase Adams from Paderborn or a Devin Moore from Ehingen. It also allows me to play more natural and let the game come to me. It’s really fun to see him playing or to play against him. In the playoffs, BV Chemnitz were swept by top team Science City Jena, but Mixich averaged 24 minutes in the three games including scoring 11 points twice.

A big advantage for him who is a player that plays beyond his age is that he was introduced to the men’s game when just about every other kid his age was playing Batman Arkham City or Portal 2 on Play Station or going to watch the big men play basketball in some huge 10,000 plus arena in Berlin or the small school gym’s where German Pro A, Pro B or Regionaliga games take place. But that feeling does subside like last season when I was still playing NBBL and studying for exams.