I Oed on day 23. I’m 8 dpo today. Fingers crossed! baby dust to u all. They do not reflect the opinions of and they have not been reviewed by a physician, psychologist or parenting expert or any member of the staff for accuracy, balance or objectivity. 9dpo- cramping and terrible back ache, took a nap, then evening test on IC BFP couldnt believe my eyes. so I caved and did an early test yesterday (see also no will power) and got a BFN, however I think this was still too early (AF due 17th-19th) so I am now going to wait and see if AF comes before i test again…I really don’t know at all.

So here we go…. for those of you who are symptom spotters (like me) I wanted to share my symptoms for the last month. I have B12 Vitamin injections and rarely get ill once iv had one until im due another which isnt for another month and a half. I’m really nervous and hoping my little bean sticks. Had a feel of my cervix which is still swollen but also feels a bit firm, pressed cervix together to check cm and stretchy yellow tinged discharge with streaks of blood mixed in. We had a silent miscarriage 6 months ago, found out at the scan which was very cruel and have been TTC ever since. I’m hoping it is the last (at least for awhile ) I o’ed on cd17 or cd18 of a 30 day cycle.

Here’s a list of symptoms I wrote down everyday: – 3DPO: Hungrier than normal, sticky/stretchy CM – 4DPO: Gassy, pelvic pain, felt like cold was coming on, creamy CM – 5DPO: Fatigue, creamy CM – 6DPO: Fatigue, gassy, lots of creamy CM, emotional, CP is high and hard – 7DPO: Fatigue, gassy, small back aches, heartburn, watery/creamy CM – 8DPO: Fatigue, small back aches, tender breasts, hungy, heartburn, watery CM – 9DPO: Fatigue, gassy, tender breasts, watery CM, BFN on HPT – 10DPO: Fatigue, tender breasts, headache, muscle cramps, temperature dip, watery CM – 11DPO: Fatigue, CP low and hard, temperature dip, emotional (thought for sure AF was coming!!) cramps in muscles, hungry….. 1-2DPO: Nothing aside from horrible acne breakouts which have been happening throughout this cycle since my “ov” day. Yes pregnancy is one of the causes of a Yeast Infection… Did it result in a BFP or BFN? Going to test on Thursday morning, but DD wants me to wait til Saturday – Saturday?! My husband commented on the nipple thing just yesterday. 11, 2012 3:42pm Yes!!!!

1-2dpo- not much to report 3dpo- went away with dh and friends to Oxford,very tired but had a long day at work,felt very drunk quickly on the evening drinking with our meal,bd that night 4dpo- had a terrible hangover, felt very dizzy,tired and achey legs but put it down to doing a lot of walking that day around Oxford, went for a meal on the evening and straight after eating felt sick and dizzy 5dpo-dizzy, high bbt sick feeling on and off, creamy cm,headache, very tired in work almost fell asleep 6dpo-pinching feeling in belly,not so tired today,sore nipples to touch,thirsty, sicky feeling on the evening,creamy cm 7dpo-not much today, sickness feeling at times throughout day, bit sore bbs on top 8dpo-not much, sensitive teeth,creamy cm,sore nipples 9dpo-itchy right nipple, sensitive teeth,headache, cold shivers, 10dp- itchy right nipple,itchy belly,sensitive teeth all day,did 6day early response bfn! Then I realized that’s really early- perhaps it’s implantation I’m feeling. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 6 dpo – metallic taste still here and stronger all day today, tastes like blood or sour sometimes. This would be my fourth pregnancy and I don’t remember having this. Only AF symptoms i receive are acne breakouts. This could be a BFN, however, I swear in person I see the fainest of fainest of lines.

think i ov’d earlier this mth cd 12? I have a 21mo old toddler. It was one of the worst I’ve had in years…for example I took DS to daycare, which is a 5min walk each way and was so wiped out that I had to nap for an hour when I got home! They became a little sore around the sides later on but not a lot – in fact other months when AF did turn up, my boobs were more sore and felt much bigger and heavier than they do now. It’s now my time to give back, and to give the women in their wait hope if you don’t experience any symptoms. A bit of history on me: I have a very regular cycle (28 days).