As I got closer, I was happy to confirm that the unexpected shape was in fact the shape of a lizard. is the largest online community about Reptile & Amphibians, Snakes, Lizards and number one classifieds service with thousands of ads to look for. As for the label of “greedy” being applied to Michelle, heck, the way I am reading this, it appears that Ty said he was going to be purchasing an albino iguana from someone else. Finally, if your horned lizard is reluctant to eat anything other than ants or crickets, a little trick that works well for me to expand their diet is to mix in a few meal worms with the ants when I feed them to the horned lizards. So who caused the miscommunication? Publications. 4.

In hind sight, you still don’t feel you should have given him your shipping address? seller produced it right?! Chinese hate Koreans. You would pay the winners the ​​$3000
Ive heard so many good things about you and I don’t know how o gel about you getting it from another breeder 😞 Did you not produce any like you thought you were going to?? I also agree that Jeff needs to be made aware of this thread. Thats like going to the grocery store and asking to buy apples but they tell you to take oranges instead. Would be the way to handle this in my opinion, within a reasonable time frame.

They must not be in it for the animals, as a animal in poor care and improperly cared for should be shipped across the country like a material item like a TV. But if they post lies like ty does I will post a pic again to remind them and rebut it. its disgusting and IMHO as is anyone who thinks otherwise. I am always making sure animals are receive in tip top shape and are exactly as stated. When trying to get your bearded dragon to drink from a dish put some berry juice in the water so it becomes scented. Moisten it and mix it with vegetables to get them used to it. Moisten it and mix it with vegetables to get them used to it.

tegu gone, she wants more info. 17. 17. It can keep calcium locked-up. Sound to me like you like confrontation. Hey it’s Peter Ingoldsby, the guy you sold the Egyptian Uromastyx to about 3 weeks ago. Breeding and growth is most rapid at higher temperatures, but 68-95 F is tolerated.

Only Brian didn’t send me a list at the end of the week nor contact me in any way. Kyle and Krystal at Gekkonidazed Geckos – Between loans and trades with L.A.C Herps, Derek Dunlop, and AJD Reptiles, Kyle and Krystal have some absolutely amazing blood in their colony and still have shockingly affordable prices; many people with that quality of stock would easily charge three times as much as what I’ve seen their kids go for. Trust me when I say – we care 100% about our animals, and our customers. I remember visiting this place many years ago. He’s made enough enemies locally that he doesn’t even attend the All Ohio show anymore. Insects can also be gut-loaded. Can we say for certain that what they’re claiming to expose is the truth?

Intermittent stream flows from water diversions and flood control practices have made vast stretches of the Rio Grande uninhabitable, while river pollution by natural gas and oilfield runoff likely accounts for the apparent absence of the species over a 100-mile stretch of the lower Pecos. People who bought tickets because there were two prizes up for grabs may not have done so had they known there would only be one. He was clearly beyond dehydrated, and his condition didn’t just happen over night. It’s compact, relatively light, and reasonably sharp, but its reach and speed leave something to be desired. Bearded dragons are omnivores. Like I said, it depends what perspective you look at it from and there is a fine line between hobbyist and commercial breeders. If the location you enter in your profile field does not match the location of your registration IP address, then your registration will be rejected.

Also your TRUE location is important. These are also wild caught. Sorry, but this is not like other sites where anonymity is more the rule. This is designed to try to discourage as much as possible those spammers and scammers that tend to plague sites of this nature, to the detriment of all the legitimate members trying to enjoy the features this site provides for them. Enjoy! Please note that the information requested during registration will be used to determine your legitimacy as a participant of this site. Like many, I want to figure EXACTLY where the problem lies instead of rehashing the same second- or third-hand opinion over and over everytime someone asks about CFBs.