What about just removing the two small mufflers as a simple mod ? If the time comes just get a grinder to it and reset them and welt up again. if i purchase one from a WH Caprice can i still retro fit to my VZ Monaro? i was concerned that maybe the wheel arches on that car was bigger than our very small arch. Thanks again. VZ Monaro Front Conversion kit would cost you $1,520 USD. I’ll suss out the cost of a retune.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Too bad HBD don’t offer it on the new models. If want to have it registered have to start an individual procedure for the vehicle through the Government, pass several technical tests and make a lot of changes to the car which are expensive they told me. Most of the cars in the game are assigned one of thirty Divisions for thematic grouping in the career Stories of Motorsport events. :D). I wonder if the part number on the box is the same as the original part number that GMH used when they made them themselves…….. Tune and exhaust you will be driving a different car, my SV is doing 270Kw at the wheels and although it has very big brakes already there is nothing I would change with the handling.

used as a promo vehicle for my business. are you thinking of doing so? Yeah man those rims look sweet… From 270 to 285 HSV fitted bigger headers which did not fit the front drive setup. LS2, cashmere leather, are those premium-type brake calipers I see? Ford, in the meantime, were licking their wounds with the atrocious and poor-selling AU Falcon (see Tickford Falcon Race Car) and had no counter to the publicity buzz that surrounded Holden who were on a complete roll with their VT-VX series cars. me & I’ll put you in touch with the owner.

However, the Beetle weighs much less than a Commodore/Kingswood/Falcon and the engine sat in rear and were rear wheel drive. It also has Whiteline adjustable sway bars front and rear that are substantially bigger than the factory units. haha looks good from what i can see just.. Obviously not applicable in my case. I cant see the market getting better and every day these cars get older, which unfortunately for you means cheaper. (The Phantom car was an exclusive to Holden) I don’t know of many still around in stores! My choice is Mequiars Gold Class.Not cheap.

The time now is 12:52 PM. The time now is 12:52 PM. This is what holds your rear spoiler to your deck lid. when in fact they are ugly, chew fuel, slow That’s emotive ricer stance on domestic cars, that all domestic cars are based on the 1977 model or something. I am not crazy about sending out cad files.Once I let a cad file out anyone can print one. Looks like crap! Currently, I am leaning towards a drop in section that replaces the little rubber tray.

I was not in the car, but standing outside of it. Perfect for a GTO or GTS coupe owner that wants to keep their car original, or a Monaro owner looking for a quality system. Its pretty short in the wheelbase. That’s too funny. Much thanks to all that took time to read. I think it was dark blue/black. It also hopes to ship as many as 100 cars to Vauxhall in Britain.

The VX facelift applied to all HSV standard wheelbase models, which meant the WH Grange remained largely unchanged until the WH Statesman was upgraded in 2001. Just my thoughts. I found Mad Dog’s view that a GTO is simply not a Monaro so it doesn’t rate as well very interesting. It feels great just holding it while it’s off the car. Has Dunlop Regal semi tyres which cost $500 each! There 18×8″ Pick up from Sydney or I can arrange courier. Am I the only one that thinks this is distasteful???

Warm up and serve at once to a grateful public. When I get beaten it’s mostly by triple boosted cars. The Missus put my list ‘in a safe spot’. Unless you are looking to add arch flares they wont fit your GTO’s. These are pushed to consoles when the game is started and are not available to download via the Store like DLC packs. it’s time that we spoke about the Holden VS Ford debate… This is evolving into a good thread.

Front and rear seats which were in my HSV VT sedan but as i have now purchased a blue coulson trim these are for sale. Well I ventured up to Sydney on Sunday to look at two coupes. Is anyone contemplating buying a new GTO Coupe, not the LE, just the “ordinary” one?