‘The reason is that the baby doesn’t have the same fully developed immune system as an adult. Some maintain that oral suction is not necessary, while others say it is crucial to the ritual. The department said one aspect of the ritual that is commonplace in parts of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, but rare in other branches of Judaism is not safe. I have two sons, both who were circumcised in the hospital shortly after birth. The DOHMH said no form was submitted for the procedure. Rabbis in the city’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities are resisting a possible change to the city and state health code, which would require parents to sign a consent form, before their infant boys undergo a controversial type of circumcision. May I ask what the purpose of posting this article is?

The health department also noted that The New York State Department of Health has documented cases of HSV-1 infection in male babies after MBP circumcisions that have lead to illness, brain damage and in some cases death. ‘The reason is that the baby doesn’t have the same fully developed immune system as an adult. The consent form delineates the potential health risks outlined by the Health Department. But it seems that the city will drop the consent form in favor of a campaign to educate parents about the risks of MBP and herpes. Mayor de Blasio promised to enact stronger policy regarding “metzitzah b’peh,” but the city has not enacted stronger regulations since he took office. Haredim led by Agudath Israel of America and Satmar are currently suing New York City to block the city’s informed consent requirement for MBP. MBP, a procedure practiced by some ultra-Orthodox mohels, involves a mohel orally sucking away the blood from the infant’s genital area after cutting off his foreskin during the bris, or ritual circumcision.

Religious circumcision ritual leaves another Jewish baby with herpes – City health officials believe the baby boy got sick as a result of a centuries-old ritual known as metzizah b’peh practiced by Jews. The identify of the rabbi who performed the circumcision is being withheld by the boys’ parents, preventing the health department to step in, they said. Monmouth Medical Center is near Lakewood, N.J., which has a large haredi community and the largest haredi yeshiva in America. The community, for the first time, has agreed to cooperate during investigations of any newborn herpes cases. On the day he died, Nicholaus Contreraz was awakened at 6:30 a.m. The New York City Commissioner of Health has issued a directive ordering that person to stop performing direct orogenital suction during circumcisions. HSV-1 are cold sores, which usually show up on or around a person’s lips.

Since 2000, 16 infants in New York City — including three this year — are suspected of contracting the virus after “direct orogenital suction,” according to the Health Department. New York City health department regulations require the parents of a child to provide prior written consent for the practice, but the regulation has not been enforced. Although pelvic pain often refers to pain in the region of women’s internal reproductive organs, pelvic pain can be present in men, too, and can stem from multiple causes. Two of those infants died (including one last year), and two others have suffered brain damage as a result, according to a department alert from January. 4 times higher than that of other male births. (Newser) – Men who are circumcised as infants are no less sensitive than those who keep their foreskin. Although difficult to determine accurately from the illustrations, there appears to have been significant trauma to the posterior forchette, the hymen, and the anus.

CarrollTHE NEW HEALTH CARE Snip or don’t snip? Another Jewish baby boy has contracted herpes through a controversial religious circumcision ritual. Two babies were hospitalized at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tikva for being infected with herpes during circumcision, Kikar HaShabbat reports Wednesday night – and a prominent mohel has demanded that fellow mohels get checked for the disease before performing the ceremony. The practice of “oral-genital suction” performed during some Orthodox Jewish circumcision ceremonies could leave the infant with a potentially fatal herpes virus infection, health officials warn. Two more infants in New York City have tested positive for herpes following a controversial circumcision rite. The pamphlet, created by the de Blasio administration, is a glossy but blunt warning about the dangers of metzitzah b’peh, an Orthodox circumcision ritual linked to herpes infections in infants. We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence.

After the deaths of two children who contracted the herpes virus through an ultra-Orthodox practice of circumcision, the New York City Board of Health voted today to require parents to sign a written consent that warns them of the dangers. Rabbi A. The Health Ministry plans to issue a detailed pamphlet on the medical pros and cons of circumcision, after years of avoiding the issue.