Laboratory work in Bulgaria found that propolis is a strong inhibitor of many strains of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, known for causing ulcers and gastric cancer. Nowadays, however, since several pathogens are developing resistance to potent antibiotics and the latter are causing side effects in humans, there is an increased need to search or screen for new antimicrobial agents. Dating back to 350 B.C., ancient Greeks used propolis to treat abscesses and other injuries. Please let me know how this easy and safe remedy works. Another study found that a topical propolis alcoholic extract was more effective than a steroid cream in reducing mast cells in oral surgery wounds. Bee Propolis, also called bee glue, is a resinous, gummy substance collected by bees from flowers, buds, and exudates of plants that bees combine with wax to construct and maintain their hives. Herpes is a widely spread sexually transmitted illness in older people caused by the herpes simplex virus or HSV.

And in modern times, studies have indicated its usefulness in several ways as well. The treatment applied was Nigella sativa concoction 10 mls twice daily for 6 months. In truth, it is made up of Each nutrient needed to help daily life. This keeps impurities such as dust and bacteria from reaching the wound. Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and containing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, honey is as effective topically and internally. Phytomedicine 2000;7:1–6. It may be more productive in healing and re-epithelization of small second degree burns.

As such, both oral and topical royal jelly may promote healthy, youthful looking skin. I also take an extra dose leading up to any flying I may be doing as radiation levels are quite high in commercial planes. By taking in everyday bee pollen goods, one’s physique will encounter an fantastic improve in organic power. Ever used raw honey or propolis for herpes outbreaks? Propolis does not replace conventional medical treatment for cold sores or any other condition. is a sticky substance used by bees to disinfect and isolate anything foreign in their hive. The National Institutes of Health concluded that it is possible for bee propolis to help with cold sores, genital herpes and the healing of oral surgeries or abscess.

In recent experiments, propolis was used as a possible “natural” antiviral. Eleutherococcus, incorrectly called Russian or Siberian ginseng, has shown promise for the treatment of herpes. SUBJECT: Patients were admitted to the study only if their initial presentation for burn care was within 48 hours postinjury and if bilateral wounds of similar depth and quality were present. There is some evidence that propolis may help prevent infections with the virus that causes the common cold. Latest research finds that the active substance of propolis is capable to stop the HVS virus from reproducing and advantageous to be used as topical medication. Used as an antibiotic it is said to be particularly safe and effective and inhibits resistance-building effects that are seen as a negative factor with prescription antibiotics. I have never even heard of this as a possible treatment.

More studies are needed to determine if propolis is safe and effective for treating oral candidiasis. Current antimicrobial applications of propolis include formulations for cold syndrome (upper respiratory tract infections, common cold, and flu-like infections), wound healing, treatment of burns, acne, herpes simplex and genitalis, and neurodermatitis. There is some evidence that propolis may help prevent infections with the virus that causes the common cold. The pollen from the bee really has a component that speeds up the healing of wounds from the herpes situation. The research literature currently supports the efficacy of propolis against many cancers including brain, pancreas, cancers of the head and neck, kidney and bladder, skin, prostate, breast, colon, liver, and blood cancers. is not a medical or healthcare provider and your use of this Site does not create a doctor / patient relationship. Although there has been promising research, particularly in the area of plaque reduction, most studies have been small, low quality, and not fully convincing.

Additional studies are warranted to further identify the optimal efficacious dose of cidofovir in association with the maximum gel strength that can be tolerated. Nowadays, to find a new alternative bio-energy has become a global goal. Some evidence suggests that propolis may speed up healing and improve sight. CALL YOUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDER IMMEDIATELY IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. Syed TA, Afzal M, Ashfaq Ahmad S, et al. Propolis tincture offers here and effecive treatment. It is also one of the first remedies against flu, tonsillitis and sore throat (it is used by singers suffering from loss of voice).

Bees seek out the best resins they need to protect their hives. This substance is effective on those bacteria that are resistant to prescription antibiotics. It is frequently used in foods and beverages with the claim that it can maintain or improve health.