After this excerpt, we will describe our personal history with Dr. The clenched fist the patient had used to describe his pain was one often used by patients to describe the pain of a heart attack, a similar process caused by the obstruction of vessels feeding blood to the muscles of the heart. The sole function of frequency in a zapper is to pulse weak electric current onto the skin to induce simple capacitance–a sort of ‘bleeding through’ of a tiny portion of that current, which is more than sufficient to vitalize all of the fluids in the body, instantly. There is definitely solid science behind Dr. I know from my own experience that this works. “ZAPPER” cures anything, Cancer, Aids, Herpes and destroys Parasites! ‘Connell White.

However, it should be alright to try electric shock and possibly an electric zapper in addition to very high doses of vitamin C, provided other appropriate treatment is used in addition without much delay. He has successfully treating not only malaria but hepatitis, cancer and AIDS. This was just a simple zapper. If you know anyone who has cancer or have cancer yourself, he beat Stage-3 colon cancer naturally. The U.S. Dr. That’s what I’ve read about.

We dropped the project, signed their agreement not to sell, and learned an expensive lesson. The response and requests for more information and availability is overwhelming. In three months he would be dead. Much of that information can be found in her book “The Cure for All Advanced Cancers”. P.S. I learned from my dad making electronic stuff that his homemade- a -little- less attractive- than- commercially -available- stuff often smoked mass produced stuff. Experience with zapping Anaerobic bacteria Thank you so much for making this product available.

All cancer patients (100%) have both propyl alcohol and the intestinal fluke in their livers. Testimonial for zapping Anaerobic bacteria Thank you so much for making this product available. U.S. I also think that maybe when I put advantage on my kitties little mites jumped aboard me, since they sleep with me and i hold them, and all the bumps are where I would be touching them…i read that notoedric mites can live on humans temporarily. When I rejected his “cut, burn and poison,” he put enormous pressure on my wife, Lyn, to persuade me. however i could not use this thing 24 7 since it was not portable. I joined that elite group in 1997 after using those devices to rid myself of a 16 year infection of Epstein Barr Virus that caused Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome.

Vulvar Herpes and what they would see in future outbreaks regardless of which treatment and people nowadays are increasingly finding it beneficial. Those claiming to be medical practitioners and using such untested tools may be at risk of delaying a patient from undergoing proper diagnostic testing and receiving appropriate treatment for a condition such as Lyme disease. Making it better able to fight mon infections associated with aids, such as herpes which leads into the late dr bob beck s blood cleanser and dr hulda clark s zapper that. I put the disclaimer for you. The farmer had contracted Ross River Virus several months earlier, as confirmed by blood -*test*-(‘”)s, but his symptoms and all traces of his virus completely disappeared since his encounter with his fence. ‘Zapper’ is the generic term for an electronic device invented by Dr. The problem with oral medication is that with pills the medication goes into the stomach and digestive track where a huge percentage of the drug is destroyed by gastric juices.

These were seen in a medical clinic with their electrical treatment supervised by a medical doctor. Drugs and Herbs don’t work in most cases because the viruses are in both your blood and lymph system. Science may discover that an herb has cancer killing qualities, or that electricity or certain frequencies can disrupt cancer cells, but until they can figure out WHY, the science is not done. I have posted the frequencies here on this blog so that the frequencies are in one format, as they are not in one format on the website I posted below. Many of our customers after getting great results from our ParaZappers call back and order additional ParaZappers for the rest of their family and for their friends! What is good for you could not be good for me. There are many books on this subject available in health food stores, but consider the medical monopolies opposition to the cancer cures of Harry Hoxsey, William Koch, Royal Rife, Andrew Ivy, Gaston Naessons, Joseph Gold, and Stanislaw Burzynski.

First I made a chart of the frequencies for most of the bacteria and viruses in my collection. As it turned out, zapping caused me an unexpected benefit that I’d seen nobody else report – heartburn and GERD suffered for years that has almost but not entirely gone away.