In 1995 Gittman was charged with smuggling American alligators across state lines and bringing in East African pancake tortoises hidden in false bottoms in legal shipments. Obtain the educational and special training as needed for the career of your choice (research and evaluate schools to make the best choice). Its fleshy snout appendage and relatively smooth skin distinguish it from the who-knows-how-many other species that are still grouped together until some herpetologist puts in the time to figure them out. it arrives. Join now to reply to this thread or open new ones for your questions & comments! I do have to say that I would value having as much say as possible about the home I am living in once I have settled into the military way of life, assuming I am still on home soil. The charity aside, Ty is in the wrong here as HE broke the terms he outlined.

Not if you came for apples. Kennard….he needs a rock! When IRCF (International Reptile Conservation Foundation) was having difficulty with it’s fund raising efforts to help save some of the critically endangered iguanas, I wanted to step up and help. It is obviously not the money involved. Someone had recommended Strictly Reptiles as a good place to unload the snakes he had started collecting from the tall grasses of the Everglades. This solution has no shelf life. I’m pick them up from an another breeder and paying for them so you can have one.

My experience with lighting for desert horned lizards is that it is best, regardless of how many lizards you have in one enclosure, to have at least two heat lamps per setup, one on the larger basking rocks and the other focused on the open sand, as horned lizards will begin their days usually basking on rocks and later in the day move to the open sand to bask. This is only my opinion, most disagree. he, nor anyone else, can pick and choose when the word “produce” means anything else or benefits them at a given time. TY PARK never said he would send me a purple, he said no when I asked and in his post #77 he said he was going to send me one BUT decided not to communicate that to me so he could see how greedy I was. Krieger Pub. From left, Rob Fisher and Priya Nanjappa Mitchell gaze at endangered Chiricahua leopard frogs during a tour of the Phoenix Zoo. Or Produce by aquiring.

For euthanasia, triple-dose it. This is business, not friendship. The crickets can’t get out and as the beardie tries to catch them they’ll accidently eat the greens. Sadly OP and Ty got into a very messy argument. Don’t feed spinach to a bearded dragon. Insisting on what she won? 15.

As stated before, Michelle is not deciding to between right vs. Originally Posted by Lucille What? I should expect Microsoft to replace the 360? you say that you understand why ty wouldn’t give dososebtge breeders info because I would harass them. Insects can also be gut-loaded. of all the snakes (correctly sexed ) i have seen him sell if it was in fact mis-sexed it was not intentional . Fruits can be added on occasion for a treat.

Fruits can be added on occasion for a treat. In a tone of borderline screaming he says “I just gave you a list, you don’t even know what you’re looking for!” At this point I realized the type of person he was. If the snake was DOA or they were like “tough luck sucks to be you” and their terms said you got refunds on DOA or sick snakes… Just go back to the original posts where you posted those pics, and copy/paste the link to the post itself. Let him/her run around for a while but always keep your eye on them! We reserve the right not to sell you a reptile based upon our estimate of your lack of sanity or experience. “Did Misliah check whether those animals were dead?

Adults can be fed once or twice a day. Adults can be fed once or twice a day. Adults can be fed once or twice a day. Sorry about all these hoops to jump through, but I am quite serious about blocking spammers and scammers at the gate on this site and am doing the very best that I can to that effect. Following Monday’s Starprobe exposé on Malaysia as a wildlife trafficking hub, the animal rights group said Perhilitan’s action in renewing Wong’s special permits was questionable. Ten teams totaling more than 100 agents fanned out across the state in “Operation Safe Child” with search warrants for 20 residences. Sorry, but this is not like other sites where anonymity is more the rule.