For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) WordPress admin Plugin. Published on February 4, 2011

One of my fisrt Word Press plugins “FYEO”, has just been fully rewritten!

For Your Eyes Only (FYEO) Word-Press admin Plugin.

This plugin hides all Word Press Dashboard administrative-related information from non-admin users.

This means that just the admin (or someone with a user level of 10) is able to view them.
This is useful when you develop a wp blog to a client, and don’t want him to see the all dashboard info, word press blogs, resources, new WP-versions, etc.
New v4 version fully rewritten now with more robust coding. Download it here (it’s free):

JAW Duplicate Widgets Published on February 12, 2010

Sometime’s by pure chance we stumble upon some very simply but incredibly useful word press plugins.

JAW Duplicate Widgets is definitely on of them!

This plugin makes it possible to duplicate a widget so it can be used more than once in your blog (i.e. in two different sidebars or two times in the same sidebar).  – How many times did we need this to happen in the past?

In my case quite a few, indeed! Well don’t let this happen anymore, go to Thomas Watson Steen’s “Just ad water website” and grab your copy of the plugin!

Get it from:

Have fun!

Introducing TwittMeUp. Twitting your Word Press Posts Published on February 10, 2010

Twitting your Word Press Posts (via RSS feed parsing)

What is the “twittMeUp” plugin?

This new plugin allows you to automatically update your twitter account with your latest word press post.

This means that every time you write or edit a post, the plugin will update your twitter account. Every time you post, twittMeUp will parse the chosen RSS feed and update the last feed entry in to your twitter account. And that’s it!

Start Posting and let twittMeUp keep your twitter updated!
Download twittMeUp Here (Updated 09/02/2010)
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