Skin lesions frequently develop in the form of a rash of flat discolored spots and bumps which may be followed by vesicular sores with blisters on palms of the hands, soles of the feet, buttocks, and sometimes on the lips. In the midst of ever-increasing healthcare cost in America, people often question: does effective medicine have to be expensive? Cold sores can also be treated with oral antiviral medications, such as acyclovir , valacyclovir , and famciclovir . It is also a time for the mind to rest, which is an incredibly important aspect of health. The fact that the blood circulates in the vessels without leaving its proper path is particularly attributed to the restraining function of spleen qi. Just like a metal object absorbs the temperature of its environment in an instant, the metal organ (lung) is most easily influenced by external influences of pernicious heat or cold. There are certain precautions to follow, including avoiding needling into the carotid artery (especially with the upper point).

Red spots on the sides of the tongue (Liver/Gallbladder area) may also indicate a more severe illness. Arthritis that results from dampness typically involves heaviness of the local area, numbness of the skin and/or muscles, a very fixed pain with swelling and pain that is aggravated in damp weather/conditions. . Eating habits can also contribute to chronic diarrhea. This is an Excess Cold (Full Cold) condition. People with very physical jobs, or people who train intensely can, over time, deplete their Spleen. Repeat on the left hand.

References Cheng XN, Ed. Since the diet is Qi based, by correcting the Qi, the body can work towards homeostasis and weight management. Placing a drop of White Flower Oil on the tip of the tongue when the coffee craving strikes can help alleviate this dependency. •    Xing Ren and Zhe Bei Mu disperse the Lung-Qi and stop the cough. There is good evidence that Chinese herbal medicine may protect against viral infection by enhancing immunity. They can have chronic yeast infections, or chronic vaginal discharge. 200); disperses wind-heat (Bensky, Clavey, & Stoger, p.

Naturally for humans, salt is essential for life. Acupressure techniques are suitable for this propose; choose either way when you begin to sweat. Cold symptoms can result from exposure to one of the six excesses, namely excessive cold. Based on the order and arrangement of the meridian flow, physicians can identify the internal disharmonies associated with headaches. They may be too excitable, easily stimulated to excesses, or they may be emotionally cold and unfeeling. yellow (heat), aversion to cold, no or very limited sweating, sneezing, and stiff neck and/or body aches. Moreover, while SAR induces red eyes, perennial rhinitis tends to ignore the eye area.

Strain, and drink 3 cups a day. Any external environmental cold or heat will further compound the problem. Homeopathy maintains that symptoms of illness are the body’s normal and natural way of healing itself, and microscopic doses remind the body of these symptoms and stimulate the healing process. Few people, however, know that at the very early stages of a cold an acupuncture treatment and some herbal medicine can stop a cold in about a day. Even healthy people may feel short of breath in this season. As previously mentioned, each part of the face corresponds directly to a part or area of body — but the Chinese face-reading system is much more complex than that. Acupuncture has been shown by National Institutes of Health to be a successful method of treatment for certain types of lower back pain.

In the human body, ‘quantity’ represents the qi and ‘quality’ represents the blood. While it’s easy to assume that most of us living in China will have a toxin build-up, Dr Zhang suggests that you should find out whether or not you actually have a problem before you start any herbal detox program. Sprouted grains, rye, and wild rice, although also carbohydrates, do not contribute to dampness because they have energetic properties different from flour and can actually be helpful for people with such yin conditions. The liver is the organ that is in charge of storing blood. China has an estimated 300 species of bamboos in 39 genera. If one wishes to remove cold, heat and [other] evil influences [from the body], to break accumulation and to cure illnesses, one should base [one’s efforts] on [drugs listed in] the lower [class of this] manual. How much is it feeding?

Traditional Chinese medicine includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese massage, dietary therapy and lifestyle coaching. Lung/Large Intestine belong to Metal element; affected by SADNESS and also by worry. Q: Dear Dr. “Heatiness” and its opposite, “coldness” (not “cooling”, which is actually a traditional Chinese medicine treatment method), is a classification system that describe the factors that cause certain types of illnesses, says Lau Kiew Teck, a TCM practitioner at Raffles Chinese Medicine.