Dre used to say, you’ll be fine. PREVIOUS: Eva Marcille & Her Minimal Clothing Hit The MTV Movie Awards Gift Sute. They do not threaten, and that is why the hit? Well, I love Chris Brown and did dat ! That’s what the fans lol. We are criminal threats to charge such a statement based Brown allegedly made. When I hear men to defend you hit him, it bothers me.

Including myself! Brown returned to the car, put his hands around the neck of Rihanna and after the E! When a woman is in an abusive relationship, you never know her situation. Rihanna: 10 million for giving Fake Chris Brown herpes. Ii still lOve chris bRown bhut WTF diiD she dO to ghet thiiS dOne? Rumor 1: Brown blew Rihanna because she gave him herpes. You entered the danger zone malequipted whats that saying.

Only then did it occur to me that Sandra Rose said that the rapper who posted up in Rihanna is married, and I don’t think T. Chris Brown imposter claims: ‘Rihanna gave me herpes’. In an interview with GQ, she addressed rumors that Brown lashed out at her after spotting a cold sore on her lip – a common sign of the STD known as herpes. I knew about your secret for A VERY LONG TIME, but I never told anyone because that was not my business……but since you wanna play dirty with me……oh….you best believe I will give it to you good girlfriend! I am scared & frustrated & don’t know where to turn. His lawyer, Mark Geragos, has not responded to repeated requests for comment on the allegations. – Chris Brown beat Rihanna because she sold all of his rollover minutes at a yard sale.

What he did was not right, but at least be truthful about what transpired. Can I pass the virus to a partner if I have no symptoms? I’ve seen those pics too. Get the Bossip newsletter. O.o A RT TMZ Chris Brown Imposter SUES — Rihanna Gave Me HERPES. She gave him herpes. She was suffering from a cold so she was in a bad mood anyway,” an insider said.

HER ASS BEAT SHE SHOLDN’T GAVE CHRIS BROWN HERPES I WOULD OF BEAT HER ASS TOO AND SHE CAN’T GET MAD OVER A TEXT MESSAGE BECAUSE SHE WAS GOIN BEHIND BEYONCE BACK GOIN WITH HER BOYFRIEND JAY-Z SO SHE CAN SHUT UP I NEW THAT SHE WAS TOO OLD FOR CHRIS BROWN AND SHE WAS HIDEN SOMETHING FROM HIM AND I NEW THAT THAT WAS A BAD COUPLE SHE SAY CHRIS BROWN WAS CHEATIN ON HER SO WAT HE SEXY DO SHE KNOW HOW MANY PEOPLE WANT TO GO OUT WITH HIM PLUS SHE CAN’T SAY NOTHIN ABOUT CHEATIN BECAUSE SHE WENT WITH JAY-Z BEHIND BEYONCE BACK SO SHE THE ONE WHO COULD BE CHEATING ON CHRIS BROWN AND I DON’T CARE WAT NOBODY SAY I WILL ALWAYS LOVE CHRIS BROWN AND I’M GOING TO PRAY AND HOPE HE WIN THIS CASE! Chris is a talented guy, and its so sad that he will now have to be buddies with these losershe must be furious. My friend says Rihanna gave him herpies but then again i dont know. The case of Chris Brown beating Rihanna is still on the rock. Speculation: Paris Hilton could have been buzzing Chris Brown’s phone off and on for those 48 hours after the party. I guess he a little concerned about the situation, but he’s still the same Chris.”  T.I. Breezy The joker is demanding 10 mil and a restraining order against RiRi but something tells he has another thing coming!

As for Chris Brown, if he did bruise up Rihanna, we hope he rots in jail for a while and meets a few bigger bullies who will teach him that hitting a woman makes him the lowest of the low. Breezy was trying to play smart, Rhianna found a text from his ex, she weren’t happy. When Greenidge allegedly inquired if the “Riri Woo’”tube-in-question was clean, the MAC representatives hastily insisted that it was. Q: How did Chris Brown plea in the felony assault charge relating to Rihanna? Leandra has since deleted the post but Rihanna later tweeted cryptically about the photo and laughed off her friend’s antics. Yesterday, beautiful 24-year-old French reality star, Ayem Nour, has gone public with the claims she had sex with singer Chris Brown while his girlfriend Karrueche Tran was in the hotel room. nubianmom80 Rockford, IL 36, joined Jun.

According to — the website that posted the pic — the photo was taken shortly after the night of the 2009 incident. this time, the troublemaker claims to be Chris Brown. We think you’re going a little overboard here. Read on for more heart-wrenching details! P.s.