This will help you find the correct info. Please try again. We’ve made returning items as easy as possible. However we’re more likely to avoid sniffles as we get older because every time we are exposed to a new virus we produce antibodies, so the more colds we get, the more protection we have. Spokane Valley pediatrician Deb Harper says over the counter medicines do not work on coughs and science is on her side. However, small amounts of the medicine will pass through your breast milk to your baby, so always tell your GP or pharmacist that you’re breastfeeding. But which products are worth the money and which should you skip?

See your doctor if your symptoms get worse or if your symptoms don’t improve after 10 days. Start with Step 1 below to find out some of the most effective techniques and strategies to help soothe an itchy throat. Find out the best way to treat a stuffy nose, sore throat and post-nasal drip. It works! According to a recent survey by Harris Interactive for the Perrigo Company, fewer than 40% of consumers are familiar with the most common active ingredients in cough, cold and flu remedies and only 43% ask for the help of the pharmacist. These tips can help you make it through the day. However, you likely won’t experience all possible symptoms of a cold during every cold you have, so the drug that you choose will depend on your symptoms.

HOW IT WORKS: Add qualifying product(s) to your shopping cart totaling $30 or more (prior to taxes and other discounts) and Free Shipping will be applied to your order up to $15 in value. If your cold turns into pneumonia, for instance, that makes it tougher for you to take in oxygen. Buckley’s Complete contains acetaminophen and menthol, while Robitussin Cough & Chest contains dextromethorphan and guaifenesin, an expectorant that helps loosen mucus. Remedies with day and night options: Advil Cold & Flu; Benylin All-In-One Day and Night Caplets. With that in mind, stay informed on the different types of flu and flu vaccines and keep your medicine cabinet stocked with the over the counter flu medicine available at But you’ve got lots of options to help you feel better. But in the throes of fever or the flu, you may not think as clearly about safety.

There’s Mucinex Sinus-Max Severe Congestion Relief, Mucinex Fast-Max Cold & Sinus, Mucinex Sinus-Max Full Force, and on and on. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, kills or damages cells in the immune system, your body’s defense against germs. Inflammation of the neck glands is typically caused by an infection or virus such as a cold. Please bear in mind that this is a list of suggestions only, always go to your doctor should you have any doubts. Never use more than one product at the same time unless advised by your doctor. By contrast, there are usually only four flu viruses circulating in any season. Although a nasal discharge, or runny nose, may be annoying, it is actually a sign that your body is fighting the virus, according to the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Evidence indicates that children’s cold medicines don’t really help and may pose a real (although small) risk of side effects, particularly to young children. Liquids such as water, juice and broth can help loosen congestion. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. While the body tries to fight the illness, hormones are released that cause blood sugars to rise and interfere with the blood-glucose lowering effects of insulin, making diabetes harder to control. There are also non-drug options to help keep your nose from running. The most effective measure to prevent spread of infection is through frequent hand washing; covering the mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing; disposing of used tissue papers properly; and not sharing utensils. Store below 25˚C.

In the first of our series, the Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy team is sharing some of the most popular, tried-and-true suggestions on how to treat a sore throat. In most people, colds are relatively harmless, but they have important social and economic impact. So it’s no wonder that when common cold symptoms appear, you want the best cold medicine available. Here is a list of some common medications to look for that can help you feel better. A natural remedy made from twelve essential herbs it is helpful in the prevention and treatment of common cold and cough. Try it? How they work: “A combination of zinc and vitamin C (Nature’s Harmony) can be helpful with cold and flu symptoms if you take them as soon as you start feeling ill,” says Trevorrow.

Sore throat is a common dis-ease affecting the pharynx or the area around your tonsils, where dryness and discomforts can lead to soreness.