When natural remedies just aren’t cutting it, there are several over-the-counter treatment options. The stress will only weaken your defenses against future outbreaks. Accessed March 23, 2015. Lysine can also be obtained from supplements and the recommended dosage is 1000mg to be taken thrice in a day. If desired, there are different ways to treat cold sores and help them heal faster. I use it as soon as I feel the tingling feeling before the blister erupts and it will usually cut the time in half to completely heal. This is only what my family would hypothetically do in the case of infection with a flu virus.

There is no permanent cure to the problem and the sores themselves are pretty hard to treat or control. Green tea contains nutrients and antioxidants that can soothe cold sores and help quicken the pace of healing. Pour a cap full of hydrogen peroxide into a small bowl, soak a clean cotton swab or other applicator with the liquid, and hold against the cold sore until it stops stinging. Herpes Simplex, also known as cold sores or fever blisters, are painful lesions which usually form on the lips, chin, cheeks, or nostrils. I need this gone by the wkend. Cold sores usually heal on their own within two to four weeks, but since they can be both painful and embarrassing, you might find yourself wanting to speed the healing process up as much as possible. Do not use cosmetics directly on the involved skin.

Various other outbreak places that are usually not as serious in character include throughout the thighs and buttocks area.Most of the time it’s going to appear on your lip area. To eliminate unsightly cold sores, avoid or learn to manage your stress. Take cayenne pepper in capsule form, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc to help the healing process. This recipe is chock full of vitamins and good stuff to ward off a cold. Do this four times daily until no longer needed. Supplements of lysine are available at health food stores; take about a gram (1,000 milligrams) a day for best results. I figured if the cause was bacteria, perhaps betadine would help.

That same Everyday Health piece also recommended witch hazel as a remedy to soothe symptoms and potentially help dry out the blister. If the blisters are wet and oozing fluid, then just sprinkle the alum powder on top of them and press the powder with a cotton bud. Brod recommends avoiding intimate contact – such as kissing – and sharing cups, towels, razors, toothbrushes and any other objects that may have come in contact with your cold sores. A few days more, the swelling recedes, and transitions to a cluster of blisters. Pour one packet of Domeboro Powder into a 16 oz. Milk. Most herbal specialists will recommend that Echinacea be taken with goldenseal in order to effectively treat and prevent cold sores.

Cold sores appear when you are ill or stressed out and the body can’t fight infection and disease as well as it normally can. Yes, the rubbing alcohol will sting a little. Use a cotton bud to apply a small amount of neat tea tree or lavender essential oil to the cold sore. If it comes off, the sore could become re infected, and the healing process would be prolonged unnecessarily. The first symptoms are usually pain or tingling around the mouth. However, each type can cause sores in either area. Herpes simplex virus is the root cause of all oral herpes outbreaks.

Canker sores are mouth ulcers that occur inside the soft tissue of the mouth. Pick the remedy that best matches your symptoms. Mix a small amount of salt with toothpaste, and apply it directly to the cold sore. One of the biggest dangers of a cold sore is not the cold sore itself, but the opportunity it provides infections. That’s a long time to openly advertise that you’ve got herpes (albeit herpes simplex). The olive leaf contains phytochemical oleuropein, which is a compound that has antibacterial and antiviral effects. The first time I used it, the cold sore had started the day before but by day 5 it was gone.

Fortunately, you do not have to suffer in silence with your outbreaks. Its always good to do something to help before you leave your house to pick up a tube of Aubio Cold Sore Gel. Actually, there are several cold sore remedies you may never have heard of. This remedy sometimes stops a herpes outbreak if taken in the early, tingling stage. Disclaimer: The information on this page and on this website has not been evaluated by the FDA. A super cure for a cold sore (or fever blister) is to use Herpecin-L Lip Balm. Victoria Beckham was recently spotted trying to hide a painful cold sore on her upper lip.