My 14 year old has never had to take anything other than an occasional pain reliever his entire life and I’m SO grateful we have an alternative to harsh antibiotics and their possible side effects! Always check with your own doctor first. SORE THROAT AND STREP—Gargle one to two tablespoons for two minutes, then swallow; repeat five times per day. And there’s simply no replacement for healthy living. Method of Use: To supplement the immune system against sore throat or strep throat, ingest and gargle with Mesosilver. Very little blood Monday morning, but I will take three tablespoons of CS to finish killing the infection. Cure: Mix colloidal silver liquid or EchinaForce drops with food or bottle.

To learn how I handled one such case several years ago when my wife and I came down with a nasty flu bug, see my previous article titled “Colloidal Silver and the Flu Epidemic.”  You’ll learn the specific nutritional intervention we used – along with temporarily increased colloidal silver usage — to help turn the tide. For more information or to buy colloidal silver products, visit or email The burn was stinging slightly but not bad. Furthermore, a research article, published in Pharmacognosy Communications, recommends that colloidal silver be seriously considered for topical use in treating burns. We have been lucky and never encountered strep throat (yet!) but several friends tell me that taking a dose of silver a day for a few days work wonderfully in getting rid of strep throat. Oz show and he was discussing his remedies for the common cold. Blow your nose gently and sleep with open windows.

Importantly, resistant strains did not appear. The Colorful History of Colloidal Silver & Other Silver Compounds. Ive done a lot of research on Lyme enough to know what helps and what doesnt. Colloidal Silver is thought to kill an average of 650 different organisms, compared to the 6 of a standard antibiotic. lancing/drainage of boils/abscesses). Physicians commonly prescribe antibiotics to treat this condition, but prior studies of whether antibiotics help patients with bronchitis have had mixed results. Our secure order form makes it easy.

Other university centered research teams also investigated the wound healing properties of silver plated fabrics applied with the application of an electrical potential. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you are not prepared for the elimination that takes place, you may think the Iodine is causing the problem. Silver Shield ions also help the body rid itself of toxins and foreign invaders through oxidation. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly two million Americans develop antibiotic-resistant infections each year, resulting in at least 23,000 deaths while two million more fall ill. It is difficult and expensive to conduct the double-blind drug type experiments for dietary supplements that would be required to support any drug claims. – Pyorrhea             Dip toothbrush in Colloidal Silver, brush teeth.

Suggested use: Apply topically as needed to help promote natural healing and sanitize skin. The bonus is that you are also killing airborne bacteria and virus which are usually rife in confined spaces where air is recycled. Magnesium SR if you have glaucoma. Candida is, quite simply, yeast. If you are a cancer patient, you may inquire with your cancer specialist if Colloidal Silver may be beneficial to you. Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I’m not a doctor and can’t give medical advice, so everything I share today is from our own experience and what has worked for us. Acting as a catalyst, colloidal silver disables the enzyme system of bacteria, fungi and viruses without harming the human body.

The answers to these and hundreds more questions are provided to the extent that they can be traced to old and new medical and scientific literature, and private research. The Druids have left evidence of their use of silver. Ear infections have a number of different causes. For really tough congestion, also take a Chinese herbal formula found in the product ClearLungs. 86 and feeling fit! Although there’s no official clinical evidence suggesting colloidal silver can be used as a remedy for a sore stomach, running stomach, stomach ulcers, food poisoning or other stomach infections, many people none the less testified to it being effective against all sorts of stomach. Colloidal silver has a long track record for results Colloidal silver benefits have been widely known for well over 2000 years.

we ventured out to a local big chain restaurant to indulge in a couple of big burgers. Physicians of the time advised their wealthy patients to use only silver if they wanted to stay healthy. And along with it we’ll all experience to one degree or another the challenges of the change-of-season, including lowered immunity, fatigue, congestion, runny nose, earache, colds, flu, bronchitis, pneumonia and more.