And it will soon be on sale through Life & Health Research Group, Inc. If you’re unaware of the simple but very unusual trick for using colloidal silver to stop colds and flu before they get started, you might want to read my article from last winter, Colloidal Silver and Colds: A Safe, Simple and FAST Way to Stop Colds Before They Get Started! Tim has also served as a Nurse in both public general and special personal patient care. Symptoms of enlarged adenoids: Breathing by mouth, snoring, and chronic blocked or running nose. If you find yourself with an earache during cold and flu season, the simple solution is to use several drops of colloidal silver in the ear, as described in the short video, Cure an Earache With Colloidal Silver. “Well, I had been getting better and better already. According to Dr.

All information is generalized, presented for informational purposes only, not medical advice, and presented “as is” without warranty or guarantee of any kind. The show is about investigators from a secret government agency tasked with capturing 302 prisoners who had mysteriously disappeared from Alcatraz Island prison back in 1963, and then began resurfacing in the present day to wreak murderous havoc on society. Lategan‘s Natural Health Tips. Alfred Searle, founder of the giant Searle Pharmaceuticals (now Monsanto) stated, “Applying colloidal silver to human subjects has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results. Colloidal Silver: Natural Treatment for Ebola? I recommend Himalayan salt for its mineral content and Celtic salt for the iodine. If a product requires refrigeration, some other ingredient is present that could spoil.

Medicinal silver compounds were in widespread use in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Every seven years virtually every cell in the body is replaced, some types of cells having a faster turnover rate than others, which means that over a seven year period several hundred pounds of dead cells must be digested (autolyzed) and eliminated. Silver Shield has been proven to kill everything from pink eye to MRSA. Nice. Results / Testimonials See Bronchitis, Cold, Flu, Sinus Infection, Sore Throat. – Carpal Tunnel          Spray wrists and rub into skin 2 x daily. An Excellent Water Purifier: While traveling or camping it can be added to drinking water for water purification and elimination of musty stale taste (20ml/litre is suggested).

visit your doctor. I have a young baby who has had a persistent skin rash around his groin and on his legs. One small drop is all it will take to make water safe and pure for drinking, bathing, and cooking. If I can drink it at that strength, anyone can! Medicine made broad use of the sterilizing action of silver in years past but when antibiotics became available, silver gradually was discarded. The information on this Web site does not cover all possible uses, actions, precautions, side effects, and interactions. New knowledge of body chemistry gave rise to the enormous array of applications for colloidal disinfectants and medicines and for on-going research into the capabilities and possibilities for silver colloids.

Before allopathic doctors treat the actual ear infection, they will likely treat the pain with a painkiller or anti-inflammatory. About an hour later the family was moving about. So I got an eye dropper and put five full droppers down his throat at least 6 times a day. Eat lots of yoghurt AB and drink flat Coke if you have diarrhoea. When used as directed, it is a harmless and simple way to promote natural immunity and restorative properties in the body. The only thing that I wanted to do was sleep. Under the onslaught of antibiotic warfare, the second half of the 20th century witnessed the seeming eradication, or at least control, of most of mankind’s ancient plague scourges.

And in the 1980’s researchers Berger, Marino and Spadaro also confirmed that electrically generated silver ions boost human blood cell production. (How colloidal particles are formed: Some of the ions in close proximity to the negative electrode in the water will attach an electron from the flowing current and change back from an ion into an atom. The signs and swelling of lips inside your own special plan. You may also need steri strips or sutures to help close the wound and heal faster. If you ever have unexplained blistering on your skin, you should see your doctor for a diagnosis. All the information here will be passed to the best of our knowledge, and are only intended for those who are interested and for further education. No.

First infection with HSV1 usually occurs in early childhood; incubation from 2-12 days, then fever, sore throat, small vesicles develop on pharyngeal and oral mucosa, rapidly ulcerate and increase in number to involve soft palate, buccal mucosa, tongue, floor of mouth, and often lips and cheeks; tender gums may bleed; fetid breath, swollen lymph nodes in the neck; fever, general toxicity, poor oral intake, and drooling contribute to dehydration; spread to other sites may occur; Medical definition of herpes labialis: herpes simplex affecting the lips and nose.