Imagine the possibilities of lips that fulfill their true potential. If you eventually decide to stop getting injections, your lips will return to their original state. He will gladly go over the details of the procedure and your specific questions during your confidential consultation. Are there any pre-procedure instructions to follow for lip injections? By undergoing a lip augmentation procedure with a facial specialist, such as Dr. The skin around the lips is initially treated with a cream to anesthetize the skin, followed by placing local anesthesia around the mouth. For my patients, I recommend avoiding blood thinners such as aspirin a few days before and after an injectable treatment to minimize the risk of bruising.

You can go about your daily life afterward but shouldn’t make any big plans (like a wedding or an important event) for at least three days in case you bruise. You can go about your daily life afterward but shouldn’t make any big plans (like a wedding or an important event) for at least three days in case you bruise. Other fillers cannot, however, be erased. Fat transfer is advantageous for patients in that they are universally tolerated and cause no unfavorable reactions, and they can provide permanent results after as few as 2-3 injections. If you had 4 weeks before you walked down the aisle, I’d say go for it. Although it is possible to have Juvederm leak from the site of injection, it would have to be placed very superficially, and the possibility that this is an infection is higher than that of leaking Juvederm. Fillers Many patients are familiar with the use of injectable fillers to give the lips a fuller and more well rounded appearance.

While injection technique is important what happens under the skin once an agent is injected is far more critical. If you are having injections, your recovery can take just a couple days. That means the body fat is used as the fat injection into your lips. If you have previously had facial cold sores, an injection can cause them to come back. The lip injection takes a few days to heal, while surgical implants take up to 2 weeks. It can be ideal for smoothing out lipstick lines. This is accomplished by implanting synthetic or biological materials into the lips to make them plumper and more appealing.

This last problem could be very devastating and must be attended to quickly. What can I expect post-procedure?You may experience some swelling, redness, or tenderness that will usually alleviate itself after a few hours. IMPROVING AGE-RELATED CHANGES TO LIPS AND MOUTH AREA Originally approved by the FDA to treat moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles, hyaluronic acid has been used successfully for years to reduce the signs of aging around the mouth. Dr. Yes! While people do have different experiences when it comes to lift injection, often people report that they’re not painful during the procedure, but it does pain after the procedure. I had Juvederm filler placed in my lip 3 days ago.

This may be good for people who aren’t ready to commit to a permanent result. Juvederm is mixed with lidocaine to prevent discomfort. If you have had facial cold sores before, an injection can cause another outbreak. • Dermal fillers are not recommended for patients with severe allergies, previous history of dermal filler allergy, or a history of anaphylaxis. Tell your doctor if you have a history of frequent cold-sores or herpes-infections on your lips: you may need to be pre-treated with valcyclovir (Valtrex). Hart will inject manufactured bovine-based collagen into the lip area. In the hands of Dr.

An initial consultation is required whereby you will be able to address your concerns and desired results. Recovery after lip augmentation is generally mild. So we created: You can enjoy using your favourite lipsticks and gloss, having the confidence your lips look beautiful and natural, helping frame the face. Augmentation materials are available in liquid form for injection or solid form for surgical placement. We can reverse the aging process that thins the lips by using conservative amounts of this hyaluronic acid filler to plump the lips back up. VYCROSS provides a bouncier feel to the product, which helps the product to move naturally and retain its fullness over time.

Restylane® results are long-lasting, giving skin a more youthful appearance for six months or longer. Cosmetic fillers include natural sources such as fat harvested from the patient’s body by liposuction, laboratory-derived temporary materials such as hyaluronic acids, collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite, and permanent synthetic materials such as silicone. Siamak Agha is a good way to create of fuller lips. However, if you are undergoing this procedure purely for cosmetic purposes, you’re most likely on your own to pay the bill. Fuller-looking lips tend to make us look younger. Consequently, the lips and surrounding areas become subject to volume loss and structural changes.