All animals are guaranteed to the customers liking. Enclosure: Bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are big lizards, so they need fairly large enclosures. Water dragons can be kept together, with one to three males in a room-sized enclosure. The bearded dragon may also open its mouth and gape in addition to inflating its beard to appear more intimidating. I have also noticed a difference in the color of some of her scales under her belly and cloaca so I clean her under belly with betadine twice a week. Center For Disease Control Recommendations Pet store owners, veterinarians, and pediatricians should provide information to owners and potential purchasers of reptiles about the risk for acquiring salmonellosis from reptiles. Stubbs has spent most of his life tailless, which is a serious handicap for an alligator.

Reptiles also fare better when kept in immaculate water. Almost all of these species are relatively abundant and easily found in their native habitats. Could that be the problem? Just a little upstream was the remnants of a large strangling fig that had been chopped down for safety reasons; and hiding in the crevices of the old trunk was a juvenile Many-lined Sun Skink! The temperature in the house is pretty good. Hiding, on the other hand, does not require a lot of energy output and is far more effective than trying to flee once a predator is in pursuit. cocincinus, a new genus hand to be created for the Australian Water Dragons.

Though like a certain TV Mother of Dragons, so too does Pelke favor a certain lizard that’s the largest of its kind living on Earth. A Scientific Permit is required to catch reptiles or amphibians in National Parks or other reserves. They get the required heat also. Get the lizard and a fecal sample to the reptile vet as soon as possible, to be tested for parasites, evaluated for dehydration, etc. IRCF is involved with several Cyclura & Ctenosaura, Project Heloderma, and Gharials in India programs. I would really appreciate any advice you have. You have asked a very insightful question, and I am happy to be able to put your mind at ease by answering this important query.

Partnerships with other rescue groups in the area include King County Animal Rescue, Seattle Animal Control, Seattle Turtle and Tortoise Club, and many other small rescue groups. It is also called canker or, more correctly, infectious stomatitis. They can transmit blood parasites and bacteria, and even viruses, between reptiles. Can you help us make a good choice of a first pet reptile for him? THE GENERAL CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF BEARDED DRAGONS, by Philippe de Vosjoli & Robert Mailoux. Get involved with field trips, learn valuble practicle skills in identifying and safely handeling reptiles, amphians and more. Pygmy Bearded Dragon + Entire Tank Set Up ‘Falkor’ our 1 year old Pygmy Bearded Dragon Complete with her entire home set up – tank, bowls, decorations, UV light with timer and heat light with thermostat.

This panther chameleon is receiving intraosseous fluids via a syringe pump. If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. Small herps should not be microchipped routinely. The spiny “beard” from which the lizard gets its common name may also be extended, though it’s uncommon for tame captives to do so; dragons typically do this when alarmed. This article will explore some of the newer food items that go beyond crickets and mealworms (not that there is anything wrong with the traditional insect feeders, they should be offered, too). I suspect you are talking about either bone cancer or extensive cancer in a limb, which would require more invasive surgery than just removal of the mass.

If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. If this is an emergency, please contact your nearest qualified veterinarian. Mites, like ticks, are eight-legged bloodsucking organisms. A: Coccidia is fairly species specific, so there is no chance that you can become ill from their coccidian; however, you should always practice excellent sanitation, making sure to wash your hands after handling them. Rehydrates quickly by adding warm water. She is very friendly, easy to talk to and very eager about her work. Upload your own reptile and amphibian photos photos at, and you could see them featured here!

Hello Everyone! A hatchling or juvenile needs to be fed daily; an adult- gets fed about every 2 to 3 days, although many people like myself do feed their adult dragons on a daily basis. Living in Albuquerque, I noticed that the terrain looks similar to that of the leopard gecko’s natural environment in Afghanistan. Ball python care and information as well as community driven content covering all manner of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates – from boas to ball and blood pythons to bearded dragons and brachys.