Patients may first notice the pain starting in the ear radiating down towards the chin. You’ll also get local anesthesia (see above) to numb the site of each tooth being removed. In order to protect your teeth, you have to follow the doctor’s instructions as to recovery period activities that can help you hasten the healing of your operation. A woman claims to have acquired HIV from her dentist in December 1987, while having two wisdom teeth removed at the age of 19. Our doctors would like you to maintain a soft, non-chewing diet for the first day of surgery, as the numbness from the local anesthetic will last for several hours and you could bite your lip or cheek and not feel it. The pre-operative fasting state of many patients, in combination with reduced post-operative oral intake can increase the risk of dehydration, especially for small children, petite patients and the elderly. Brush tongue with a dry toothbrush to keep bacteria growth down, but be careful not to touch the extraction site.

If you are involved in regular exercise, be aware that your normal nourishment intake is reduced. When swallowed blood is the cause, it is helpful to take fluids in very small amounts at a time. If you are lying down following surgery, make sure you sit for one minute before standing. A slight elevation of temperature immediately following surgery is not uncommon. Sulak, DDS is satisfied that you are recovered sufficiently to go home. You should sip slowly over a fifteen-minute period. Initially you will feel drowsy and will only feel like sitting in a chair or lying in bed.

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