Peppermint oil is often used in aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils to support health. The oil can be added to soaps, shampoos and diluted in olive oil for topical applications. Obligatory and honest disclaimer: Of course there is so much more than even my long winded articles can say about making the best use of these oils. The oil has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, anti-parasitic, and anti-hemorrhagic properties. You can use it directly over the skin of the wart, apply it using a diffuser, or consume it orally. Symptoms of eucalyptus oil overdose include pain in the stomach, seizures, an increased pulse, shallow respiration, and trouble swallowing. Oregano is not just a spice used to add flavor to your Italian dish, in fact, it’s a ruthless germ killer and provides wonderful immune support.

Shingles Raises Stroke Risk for Seniors, but Antiviral Drugs … Studies have shown a close link between these types of HPV and cancer of the cervix. An interesting application for St. An extract of holy basil was used to treat the rats for the 10 days following surgery. Take in small dosages since some people develop rashes when taken in large dosages. Their current state of health, physical as well as emotional? For now, my own personal recommendation would be to only purchase Cinnamomum camphora commonly called Ravintsara and avoid the purchase of R.

Lifting or cleansing a room, spa or steam room. For babies and small children, we typically avoid the use of *hot* oils unless the need calls for it, and then we only apply to the bottoms of feet with great dilution. 10. GeraniumBourbon originates from the Island of La Reunion [previously known as Ile de Bourbon], 500 miles east of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. I was put on anti-viral and various nerve specific pain killer medication. Sends you on a journey to the Philipines, where Ylang Ylang originates.

Ingredients: Lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, catnip, geranium, lavender, patchouli & thyme essential oils in a base of witchhazel & aloe juice (spray) or soybean/jojoba oil (oil). Hi Marge, in my last order, i requested a sample of the Bulgarian Lavender (the more perfumery one, in case i got the name wrong). Apply to your skin, especially after a shower or bath. This is why shingles tends to spread along a stripe on the body- the skin which surrounds a bundle of nerves outward from the spine. It is well known to help soothe, moisturize, and heal skin. Reapply after several hours. It is a native of Victoria where it grows in the mountain forest.

When applied to cold sores or genital sores caused by the herpes simplex virus, creams or ointments containing lemon balm have speeded healing. Of importance in these studies is the oil/symptom relationship. Bacteria-busters Ravensara, Niaouli & Manuka are further fortified with Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Clove,Thyme and cleansing Lemon. Calophyllum  is used as a treatment for various problems of the hair and scalp, for eczema, psoriasis and facial neuralgia as well. Just like this ancient remedial science, Davana herb also has its nativity vested in India and never fails in treating illnesses with its remedial aroma. Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D wrote in The Healing Intelligence of Essential Oils (p. Aromahead Institute, owned by Andrea Butje, is a premier resource for online aromatherapy classes.

The essential oil present in fresh or well preserved lemon balm does wonders to decrease painful spasms that haunt sufferers of IBS. I’ve tried everything. It also balances the sebum or oil production of your skin, aids in the healing of cuts and bruises, and helps remedy acne breakouts. Wrong! You can also pair Peppermint and Lavender Oil up and apply it to your temples; doing so will lessen the intensity of headaches and migraines. We put together this formula for a case of tendonitis, and it worked like, well…Magic! Lemon balm has been used for centuries as an anti-viral healing plant.

LegitScript tracks warnings from more than 60 government agencies worldwide to identify problematic dietary supplements and other healthcare products. Of those that live in or on the human body 99% are good or helpful. If you have or have had shingles (herpes zoster virus), it means that the same virus that attacked you with the chicken pox earlier on in your life, has found it’s way into your nervous system as an adult, lying dormant until reactivated when the immune system is weakened by age, disease, or stress. Rich in lipid content, tamanu oil also contains constituents unique to the plant that confer therapeutic properties. We had tried every over the counter cream and remedy that was available. Don’t let it get away – place another bid. This inflammation causes them to swell until there is no longer space for air to flow freely through them.