The herps don’t need it – they will survive very well without it, but without A/C we may never see them. My pics don’t do it justice, I should perhaps have included some object for scale. We went back to the Atlantic coast to find those carbonelli’s. When you want to take a close-up photo of a bug & make it look like something out of a Godzilla movie, you want macro. It was huge, I actually thought that it was a python at first! My girlfriend started her thesis and I had 3 weeks to fill. I wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep mosquitoes off my head.

They are very much like a net on a pole but with a fabric instead of a mesh for the net. Photo credit goes to Jon B. Apart from the lizards I also saw a single rodent under the tin – probably the endemic subspecies of the snow vole, Chionomys nivalis hermonis. A field herper who kept copious notes about locales, temperatures, time of day, etc.; could probably contribute significantly to research on native reptiles. Blog post by Christopher E. As far as Cairns/Queensland, we aren’t sticking too close to the city the whole time, we plan to visit Daintree, the table-lands and Undara areas and some others. I kept busy with three husk piles and 30 pairs of eyes.

A stump ripper or very sturdy snake hook. They look very similar to western ribbon snakes which are very common, but Texas garters are rare in this area. as usual, the year starts with the same thing the last one ended. On the way to the car, I thought I saw a baby racer in a bush. As Matt comes around I move slowly closer and then I see it. Not knowing exactly where The Cave was, we began to think we had missed it until, rounding a corner, we saw a small stream coming out of the wall. It didn’t take long until I found a northern spiny-tailed gecko (Strophurus ciliaris).

I actually touched it before it completely withdrew into the log. Spiny softshells inhabit river systems, large lakes and smaller water bodies (including fairly narrow, shallow streams) that connect to rivers. I was so excited. Just look underneath them and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky? I slowly approched it, made a grab, and then felt its teeth as it sank them into my wrist. An epic chase and we finally cornered a Desert Monitor in a pipe a very rare find in Morocco. 3.

Look for roads that cut through slightly fractured habitat. However, the kids were able to get a good look at any of the animals caught before they were released in the same area they were found. Having had great success with arranging similar herp-oriented trips to other parts of South America, I contacted the ecotourism company International Expeditions (IE). I own a double het snow male and he’s just the best. nando.html ). Bingo sites, like those that offer Double Bubble slots, are much more reasonable with their requirements. As always, I hope that I have the chance to get out in the field more often next year.

Wish I would have snapped some pictures, When I went up to connecticut I found ~10 Red backed salamanders and a yellow spotted salamander. All registrations that appear to be bogus will be rejected. I’ve put a short report of our trip to the island of Epano Koufonissi last week. Sadly, these are stories I don’t have pictures to. . Throughout the years I have had many fun and memorable times field herping with good friends, with my dog, or just by myself. These were the unedited, original archived images – my method is to save them off after tossing out the bad and the blurry, and to process copies via Photoshop.

Yes, we may not be as large of a group as birders, but there are a lot of people who get out on a regular basis to look for reptiles and amphibians in the field. These occupy just about every habitat known to frogs, and I have seen them from central Florida to Quebec, and am amazed by the variety this species tends to display. The weather was hot and sunny for the full 2 weeks, thus searches were suspended by 11am and resumed again once it had cooled down, this meant we could do some beach lounging and swimming in the hottest part of the day. Azhael – Regarding the Gambusia, the West Nile Vector Control dumps them in nearly every body of water in CA to “control” mosquitoes. Moving on up to another site further up the mountain we had a second stroke of luck, Andy flipped a stone on the top of a wall and discovered a Cat Snake Telescopus fallax, of which there are only a handful of records for Corfu. Matt narrowly missed catching a large Montpellier Snake and we rescued a Grass Snake Natrix natrix persa from a well.