In our local phone book they also have a local number (941) 448-5438. If any returned animal dies during shipping, there will be no refund. I love the fake emails though, that was a nice touch on Mr. I guess they just depend on the fact that there are a lot of honest people who just wont do all the homework to make sure they are not dealing w crooks. See dick give his money to florida herps, see dick get dead lizard, see dick get the runn around by these people…Dont be a Dick give your money to another company. Click Here to Register! I love the fake emails though, that was a nice touch on Mr.

All of the ones from your clutch are gone, what we currently have in stock are 4 left from the most recent clutch and another one due in 3-4 weeks. This is designed to try to discourage as much as possible those spammers and scammers that tend to plague sites of this nature, to the detriment of all the legitimate members trying to enjoy the features this site provides for them. As companies it is not wise to use company computers at any location (working at home or otherwise) because that company uses a host company with MANY rules and regulations that need to be followed. Applications must be submitted with fee payment for an alligator trapping license ($250 resident, $1,000 non-resident) or evidence of possession of an alligator trapping license valid through October 8, plus $20 for two CITES tags (a total of $270 for residents and $1,020 for non-residents). Not only that, but since I am shipping a sick snake back to the company I am at risk of not getting a refund. yikes… But then reasoned with myself that that is where the pet stores order their animals, so just cut out the middle man.

We managed to cut it from the netting, and checked to see if it had any injuries. For those that dont know, the lower keys population of ringnecks is protected and pretty rare and referred to be the subspecies Diadophis punctatus acricus. All-in-all it turned out to be a great trip with great weather and some nice herps! Well it rained all morning, so we toured the facility (they had a very good live collection of snakes and turtles), hit an art museum (ugh), and the men hit the casino in Biloxi, while the girls shopped in Ocean Springs. In-situ Facebook Group People post pictures they have taken of herps in situ. We found a number of sheds throughout the fields. We quickly found Alligators Alligator mississippiensis of all sizes this is the first crocodylian i’ve seen.

It did that funky thing EDB’s sometimes do where they’ll stick out their tongue and just let it sit there. Overall a good to very good field guide, but Tennant’s newer one is even better. I flipped this pretty Everglades Racer Coluber constrictor paludicola. If the answer to your question isn’t on the page please shoot us an email at or visit our contacts page. As you can see in the background of the photograph, traffic is an ever present danger for reptiles & amphibians in Florida. This “Canebrake” Rattlesnake was found crossing a forest road in the late afternoon in northern Florida. Wiregrass is not known to recolonize the areas.

Then the drive out turned up our first Dusky Pigmy Rattlesnake of the trip, a DOR. Most of the state’s population has moved into the 90+ F waters of the Turkey Point Power Plant’s canals. They are alot smaller then I though they would be. I provided pictures with a tape measure and even asked “If you hand picked it, why did you knowingly send me a toad much smaller than the advertised size?”… Artistic and dramatic images from field trips to the Amazon, Costa Rica, Mexico, plus Florida and other states in the U.S. 2007. A swift grab, and we had it in hand.

Unfortunately although I saw the target species, others were a bit lacking due to the tail end of a hurricane coming in at about 7pm and smacking the South Florida coast. Python! I am not really a list keeper, but you might say I saw many lifers on this trip! I never did see any signs or any type of a park entrance, I just kept turning down streets that deadended at the park. The Lacey Act, one of the oldest statutes in the United States, prohibits interstate trafficking in wildlife known to be illegally obtained. The sandhills habitat occurs on well-drained sand ridges such as the Lake Wales, Orlando, and Mt. My thesis site is a city’s water supply and used to be open to anybody to go into, and there’s a old car or two in the swamp.