their staff at front desk seem to be just as disinterested in any form of quality or professional service, or have much technical knowledge … When I bought the car it has a couple of minor scratches on the driver side bumper and corner of bonnet. You may have to make up new foam seals around the ducting joints. as for wheels oem look good but i went with pdw transformers as wanted somthing bit more flashy. it makes up for the fact you copped an absolute WALLOPING previously. Headlamp bezels. Silicone radiator hoses (, US), aluminium radiator (, US), 164S cams (unused, from an incomplete project in the UK), gasket set.

I’m assuming the mileage is stored in the 24C08, read at startup, and incremented within the 2638, where it is then rewritten back to the 24C08. If you don’t mind, I’m going to add a link to this thread and to your site doc on the gto_cluster site I’ve been working on – sort of keep all the options available in one spot. Cheers Mal. It can dive at about 200kph (i think). For Smooth, tough, can carry 5 adults in comfort, Hugh boot load capacity, strong engine and transmission, very economical on the HWY & of the 3 choices its the best for towing. Time to move this one on. There are cheap plastic welders available on Ebay for around $200, I don’t know what they are like but may be Ok for limited work on dash repairs.

and should say 2200kg or 1950kg. ignition block which is attached to the side of the column and your wiring plugs into it all interchange.. I have 245 on all corners, 19″ wheels with SSL all round no issues at all and I havent had any guards rolled. Consider the alloy V8 it had at the time. Please Note: These memcal’s are provided on an exchange basis. As yas would know. Also importantly, on the body plate bottom right hand corner it will tell you the Seating Cap either 2 or 3.

Love the look, love the wheels, one of my favourites… hey guys im new here, got told to check out the site for advice on buying a vt ss depending how my job turns out hopefully by mid year il be in a new(er)car, and im lookin at the vt ss. 4 x plastic plugs to go in the side pannel holes to hold the bows 2 x Side pannels cut to size and pre drilled for the bow holes. All this will be done pprobly xmas or just after. The k’s are all highway k’s and it only ever has V-Power fuel. The nearest specialist i’ve researched is is Beninca Motors in Surrey hills, thoughts? An XR6T?

I noticed the bare metal centre of the old waterpump pulley was corroded, so I decided to respray the centre of the new waterpump for protection. Do not however run anymore than 10psi without a cooler or 14psi with a cooler. – A long time coming but back into the lineup saw the One Tonner and Crewman 4 Door Ute in the VY range. Upgrading one of the powerwires. Instead of comparing your new motor with something with over 100thou clicks. They are genuine miniature wheel nuts that unscrew…. The waiting list was huge and it bought a whole lot of fans to the big Ford.

By half a second. you just have to rev them. Here is a few more: A8J – HJ and HX Kingswood sedan/wagon Deluxe and HJ Holden ute Deluxe (also known as Big Country Ute). Love the way it drives and the exhaust / induction roar! Not that I’ve ever locked mine… BA1 XR6T. The AU is badly proportioned, has an odd glasshouse, and has cheap and nasty detailing.

It shouldn’t make a difference but it does. They divide the frequencies appropriately and generally include a switch that allows you to vary the volume of the tweeter. One of 32 Sting Red XU6 Series II cars. These details are for the 2008 Corvette but I’m sure HSV will have to run the LS3 due to it superceding the LS2. What sort of trans you running in your car? Has anyone got or been looking at the new Jeeps? Im looking to buy a VY Supercharged V6 for wife.

yeah mate i saw that one. Very nice, congrats. View Full Version : What models would you like to see?? While Ford is busy showing off its new-for-2003 V8 Supercar, and touting the many features of its GT Falcon, Holden isn’t sitting on its laurels. View Full Version : What models would you like to see?? Aaahhh memories …Dave House & Dave Wignal …Great pair of drivers there …They came down to Brooklyn (Northern Pk / Melbourne Speedbowl) a few times ..