While Horse Feathers isn’t quite as funny as either of those, it still has plenty of laughs. Avoid driving, using machines, or doing anything else that could be dangerous if you are not alert. When Dr. It was not so much a sober night as the start of detoxification. I am taking food supplements and herbal remedies. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. A half hour later a nurse came in and asked him what he had.

My only consolation is the piece of thumb still stuck between my teeth. Never let an airplane take you somewhere your brain didn’t get to five minutes earlier. Q: Why was the blonde standing outside the department store in the rain? Doctor: In that case, get yourself a drink, learn to smoke, do some drugs, and find a couple of girlfriends. But it sometimes feels like a film-length version of Bridesmaids’ winningly frank, subversive café conversation about oral sex. Lucky for me I can spend time in bed and ride out the worst. I fired a couple of questions at Aikman, got my answers, and in five minutes I had returned to watching Wayne Henderson make sawdust.

You’re an artist! You’re an artist! These fundamentals about joke structure are the same for all jokes. Spiner sounds a little like a guy who’s trying to upbeat, but is also sick to death of Star Trek. Lewis, who received more standing ovations, discussed the charity that would benefit from the event, the Wounded Warrior Project. .. Not the point of this article, so I am not going in depth.

So she wrote down his name, address, medical insurance number and told him to have a seat. This is a proverb of optimism and fatalism. Things You Don’t Want To Hear When Regaining Consciousness – submitted by Jokes4U. Being a typical man, of course, I did not ask for directions. I was trying to think of best-case scenarios: Maybe it’s just bruised. Has anyone got anymore eccentric funnies? You should be examined by your doctor if you notice any of these symptoms or if your partner has an STD or symptoms of an STD, such as an unusual sore, a smelly discharge, burning when urinating, or, for women specifically, bleeding between periods.

My name is Joe, I came to pick up Flo, we’re going to the show. You’re rich, right? Cohn, and lie down on the examining table. I told him I would get checked out, and we would know. Tornado Jokes 10 What is a tornado? Or perhaps take another one of Right-on’s jokes which also begins ordinarily: “Another question people ask me is, ‘Bernard, how many feminists does it take to change a light bulb?’” He quickly answers, “Well, I’ll tell you. Like many mainly guy things, gout is rarely discussed.

Young: — Aaagh !! In saying this, Pastor Warren speaks from poignant experience. because I got more of that, too. Ultimately, Hicks was forced to display her realtor’s signs in her home’s windows, hidden from view. Headache…or tumor? What the fuck? That night the sailor brought her aboard and hid her in a small but comfortable compartment in the hold.

7. Of course she eventually saw the photos. We ate vanilla cake with butter cream frosting and I wore silver sparkly tennis shoes and the bridesmaids held bouquets of autumn colored roses. We are music buffs from way back and in our house you will find LP’s, tapes, CD’s and mp3 players. Play with it one day, you’ll get it. I left off last time with a quick overview of some of my one-handed training at the gym on Wednesday (and for the record, this would be Wednesday, November 14th, to give an idea of where this blog’s timeline is compared to reality). A little while later, the principal calls telling him that his son skipped school.

I wanted to be a doctor but didn’t have the patience. Previously she was fielding offers herself. Whether we’re talking about Tips for looking after your pet, as you age, the health benefits of owning a pet, caring for an elderly pet, how to avoid problems when your dog is at the kennel, amazing pet stories, funny pet videos, saying goodbye to a furry friend, dog training, fostering a pet, holiday solutions for pets, training a puppy, behavioural change or caring for your fish, we have some useful articles. Doctor: Didn’t the new glasses help? According to new research, they’re both responding to the same kind of “high.” The study suggests that genuine laughter releases endorphins in the brain, chemicals that activate the same receptors as drugs like heroin, to pain-killing and euphoria-producing effects. Our collection of most popular funny images, funny memes, funny quotes, comics and other funny pictures is updated daily.