Along with infections, ozone therapy is used to treat a variety of chronic diseases including cardiovascular disease, Lyme disease, chronic hepatitis, herpes, chronic fatigue states, chemical sensitivity, macular degeneration, chronic bladder conditions, colitis, auto-immune diseases, and Crohn’s disease. (1) Neck pain and Chest pain becoming less and less. Circulatory disorders – Heart and blood vessel diseases, microangiopathies, stroke, angina Cerebro vascular diseases (Stroke and memory), hypertension Ozone Therapy gives very good results in arterial circulatory disorders characterized by sensation of heaviness and coldness and/or pains in the legs, especially while walking. She is now as well on treatment for her ovarian cysts. Prolozone is derived from the Latin word “proli” which means to regenerate or rebuild, and the word ozone. This is completely without side effects and in some incidences can have a dramatic effect; for example in HIV, we have managed to reduce viral loads to almost undetectable levels using courses of Ozone Autohaemotherapy. This unique ability of ozone stems from its action on the membranes of white cells that causes them to produce immune related messenger molecules called cytokines.

Examples of cytokines are gamma interferon, interleukin-2, colony stimulating factor, and TNF-alpha just to name a few. Ozone Therapy stimulates the uptake of oxygen by stimulating the DPG enzyme. Intracutaneus or subcutaneous – for dental or varicose veins respectively. A: Converting medical grade Oxygen (more than 99% pure Oxygen) into Ozone and using it in the treatment of various disease conditions is called Ozone Therapy. Heat is continually generated through the chemical action of oxygen upon carbon, which releases carbon dioxide for elimination. Some people have reported victory while hydrogen peroxide or other error protocol reported an unknown state. Oxygen starved cells are unable to produce enough enzymes to fortify their cell walls; they subsequently become weaker and more vulnerable.

After receiving 3, 5 and 10-pass treatments, I have experienced vast increases of energy within one day. Consequently First World tourists are still using Chloroquine and Malopim on their exotic travels – and risk encountering mosquitoes which are now resistant to them. Ozone is the most important modality in the comprehensive treatment plan necessary for successful treatment of AIDS. Posted by: oral herpes cure at Juni 20, 2015 2:21 EM. The non-stop persistent, very agonizing OBs slowly started to diminish once again. It generates an intolerance peroxides, by the cells infected by the virus. Dental applications include: Treating cold sores, fever blisters, sensitive teeth, and tooth decay (caries.

Knoch HG; Die Sauerstoff/Ozontherapie in der proctologic. “Right now, we’re faced with probably one of the most horrific epidemics human kind has ever known. It began in 1975 and it has grown in adepts since the 1980s, when it began to spark the interest of some universities. How are they able to enjoy such a vibrant, stress-free existence? The magnetic potential of a dipolar molecule prevents free radical formation in aqueous environments at all pH’s less than 8. Where can it be found useful? “Alternative therapy is an alternative treatment and the establishment does not advocate or support the administration of alternative treatments with the exception of specific alternative medicines, for example, acupuncture.

Treats intervertebral disc protrusions and herniations non-surgically. 2. Sy, A population-based study of the incidence and complication rates of herpes zoster before zoster vaccine introduction, Mayo Clinic Proceedings, vol. Ozone “bagging” technique submerges the body (except for the head) in a bag containing ozone for up to two hours. What are the differences between normal ozone therapy and advanced RHP ozone therapy? Each treatment takes only a few minutes. Ozone Properties and Its Effects over Human Organism: -anti-virus, anti-bacterial and fungicidal action -powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory action -immune-modulating action -activates the antioxidant systems of the organism by helping for decomposition of free radicals; -good metabolite regulator; –oxidizes the fat acids, which brings to decrease of the cholesterol levels and its different fractions -improves microcirculation -strong detoxifying effect – improves the liver function and also is a good way to influence metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Theory Ozone therapists have suggested that the three oxygen atoms in ozone may have health benefits beyond the two oxygen atoms that are more commonly found in air. Elderly people generally experience a feeling of well being and improved quality of life! 1900 Medical ozone was used in the U.S. With plenty of room for furniture and a generous roof height, a wooden summerhouse gives you versatile accommodation to suit all needs. Considering that, at least 100,000 Americans a year die from drug reactions and interactions, ozone therapy is amazingly safe. This deduction can be disproved by placing anyone with a subnormal temperature under active influence of ozone and the temperature can be made to rise back to normal. Ozone gas and ozonated oils are also applied over the affected parts and ulcers for quick healing.