WM Grange retains all of the luxury appointments customers would expect from the top of the range HSV offering, such as dual screen rear DVD player, tri-zone electronic climate control, parking assist and more, while also incorporating the performance characteristics that set HSV vehicles apart from all others. 1 of 4 or 5 VL SVCC’s made. the gauges are made by vdo and they have no problems at all, what they found was during the making of the vehicle a byproduct from some of the glues or something was getting into the gauges and it attacks the led’s, thats why new ones dont have the problem again unless they are exposed to that same substance… It now even looks better than the HSV. Honestly it is pathetic that such a stupid thing like failing led back lights fail & HSV really should have done a recall when is such a common problem & made sure new gauges are up to spec. Yep sure is a well known fault my E3 R8 12.5 has one that flickers & another just died, I’m still under warranty just haven’t had time to stop off at dealer for inspection so new gauge cluster can be ordered. All rights reserved. I swear tyres and rims is harder than looking for engine mods.

Sorry I can’t agree. . Looks like a very nice system, go inspect it. From the very first VP GTS the engine/ drive line wasn’t exclusive to GTS as it shared the black motor with the 5000i club sport. Yes the price difference, could have had a new M3 (Awesome car) in the garage for the same price, but M3’s aren’t unique and I was after something special. Could be worth asking your dealer even if it’s out of warranty as its a well known and documented problem You’d think the dealer mechanics would have plenty of practice by now, all the E3’s that friends own have had the gauges replaced…. .

How come you need to replace the pads at 30thou kms? Read on, it gets interesting. Just turning the dial leaves it on. /// The termination. They’re also velour on the main part, not suede. What was the space saver spare in these cars? Customers will also receive a personally signed letter from Tom Walkinshaw along with a unique vehicle build certificate while a Customer Access Portal, containing build information, servicing details and other information on the history of their car will also form part of the ownership experience.

Yep, the note from the Stroked Holden is great, I have no rear resonator, it was a couple of straight pipes for some time, but I have placed a ‘hot dog’ style resonator in each pipe just to soften the droaning a little. Just going thru old threads, by any chance do any forum members own a VQ 5th Anniversary 5000i ? Thanks white_lie. Unless that ladder has only 3 steps forget putting that in a sedan. 4.) Can anyone recommend a good TPMS, even one that is in a double DIN touch screen system? The one used on the irs models had a cover plate to hide the wheel nuts. we need pictures!

So your not bringing her to WA then mate? I wasnt sure, the add stated factory fitted. Can’t remember what series GTS you have. if you don’t mind me asking where did you pick them up from? HRT Maloo and Coupe 4without thinking too much . Prefer my GTS wheels or the Pentagon’s… It’s worse when cold first drive of day get in turn on then hit straight to touring from sports can really bring out the bug.

. Keep it looking standard CV8 or get the Pontiac GTO spoiler on??????? . Has been some discussion on here previously about the bodykits especially, they were hideous. Before anyone says “your ride height looks like a tractor” it has the shipping blocks fitted in the front. I hastily made a purchase from a US vendor for a lower-cost, but knock-off (unbeknownst to me) GTS front kit. Any help is greatly appreciated.

No drone at all and no loss of power. After i give it a bath, get 1 mill bugs off her. Welldone. the over all handling was better… So like this, with 640hp. Would love to see some other pics…… Durant then clipped a piece off and the rest — more or less — is history.

All paint work was done by Dave at Daytona Coachworx for a very competitive rate. Greetings! hey all. [HSVTEN] VN HSV+6 ((L Plates)) 18s on, Lowered…White walls done!!! GM Authority is a must-read for GM news, GM rumors, GM reviews, and information about General Motors vehicles. this is example code to detect the contour for red color and for orange which is shown joint in the picture.