Clicky’s search engine organic traffic could be estimated as $179.11 (traffic cost if the siteowner buy it in PPC systems). Hello and thanks for that question, to tie in with the DVD dialog, I purpously requested this car for its guise to match the feature in Wheels Magazine. From black to white or any other rainbow colours. so I will find a way to put it away. His name is Greg Hunter. yer I’m just under 20ks from the plex so not to bad. Just my opinion but to me those 22″ WP mags look ridiculous.

Group A, Brock or Bathurst Graeme? Big gamble without hearing it but again, maybe that’s just me. Black leather to come first, red a month later – I ordered black with delivery in November. Hey Crank, are these the ADV rims that Walkinshaw are using? I will try popping off the top cover and hope I don’t damage it too much. . Can you elaborate or provide any pictures to clarify what you mean?

and street racing could easily be deemed as abuse. Not sure whether that system can be turned off – possibly not due to legal and/or safety requirements. Can’t say I’ve ever seen the material alone for sale (not that I’ve been looking though). I’ll have to find a space saver SV5000 rim then as mine is missing. Thanks everyone for your comments. Brakes and suspension and tint done. Brad will source an LS3 type balancer for the gilmer crank pulley to bolt to, and can supply the kits anodised in pretty much any colour you like.

Yeh maybe its an excuse to finally get a nice aftermarket boot install and reduce carrying stuff as it will be impractical ….. Pretty common conversion but will run you close to 10k if you’re paying someone to do it all. In VP the polished option was also offered. And also there are dozens of great workshops in WA , plus the motorplex, and crusies, so i will be like a pig in mud!!! I have heard of one claiming Factory Fitting. Oh,by the way who did the repair and repaint..? You’ll cut a heap off with decent rubber but high 11’s in full street trim is good going Yer I am hoping for low 11’s with these tires, was thinking I would get into the 10s with a stallie.

Most unique HSV for me is definitely VL Group A Walkinshaw… Have approached HSV direct about these rims and got a reply stating you can only order parts your car was fitted with. . What happened to the planned VE twin turbo ADR complianced car that CSV was talking about releasing? And that is around 4-5 months since release … Makes a big difference but you still have to turn of traction control or settings go back to standard for a time. I haven’t really played around with Flickr but you should be able to do it.

If the power difference is an issue this is nothing a bit of tune and exhaust cant fix. Moreover, this W1 promises to be more than a brute force sports saloon. Again, damn you. Didn’t like them. Hide read receipts. In typical HSV fashion exterior styling makes a major statement with Z Series. I think maybe cause of removal of the bracket can cause this.

Afterwards, each thrill-seeker will receive a colour photograph to prove it all happened, along with an HSV K2 cap. Good luck with the sale. And I absolutely LOVE it! Great On Fuel, With A Better Feeling Torque/power Curve On Tap Than The Vs Senator I Used To Own. He doesn’t have the technical know how to make it work. The LS1 pounded every version of the windsor V8 they ever tried to release. When it comes to choosing brake pads, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

So, I have the 2013 SRT8 … We here at Street Commodores have gotten quite used to seeing his smiling face when out and about – and we’ve come to know his immaculate 1997 series-II VS sedan as well. I’ve been down to HSV and picked up the memory card. Go ahead — download it, and share it with all of your friends. Hi Guys, My name is Mark, fairly new to the forum, and this may not be most of your guys cup of tea, but stuff ya’s!! 61 members, 4,549 guests 407370, agness, alialitime, Bedrockbrawlers, BilliTom, Butterflymoon, carbonforger, carmenmbonilla, Cruella747, cvitali447, d.orquidea, dixietwist, dlefeu, docsurfmonkey, dragonas, emerald717, Fresca, Giuliana, Grandelf, hounddog4183, IcieQueQueg, iwoos, jeanetteha, jedika365, Jeff6747, Jessowey, jivkotodorov84, JOHNBECK, johnny4j2, JubiDubi, karishma75, komodo, Lamamake, littlemax, lovegackt, manatee1220, mistykitty, nevada, nickymore22, Pelegrin1, pompompuppy, quebecois1300, raymondsbrown2, reboalliby, Rose1952, sanchez1r3, SeldenJoey, smilodon23, spiderx, sudaca30, syndrom33, taunteanna, tayleigh72, terrib56, UnHuman, Vindigal, vishous58, windex303, XImmortalAresX, yyymin, zanet61 Most users ever online was 150,759 on 9/11/14.