Also, were you able to get on Valtrex as needed or do you have to go for an exam every time you experience symptoms? I thought, “Who would want me now?” I felt dirty and depressed that I wanted to die. About a year ago I found out that I have hsv2 (genital herpes). I got genital herpes from a not-so-wonderful guy a year and 1/2 ago. You are still you and the same person that attracted others desires as before. Hi everyone. Also, can a person catch herpes while wearing a condom?

3. It’s not the end of the world as long as you won’t let it be. ? Remember: You’re in good company. That’s because in most people it produces either no symptoms or very mild ones. I see your point, you’re thinking she might not know that herpes could have been dormat on either one of you, and therefore by her telling you she has herpes she is pretty much assuming she’s cheated on you. I have genital hsv-1 which is basically the same as 2 but with less frequent outbreaks.

Can You Spread It on Your Body?It’s possible, though rare, to spread the cold sore virus from one part of the body to another. I have been recently diagnosed with HSV1. When he told me it was genital herpes I felt like my soul was slapped in the face, like reality shifted a bit. The viruses are called herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. It is possible to be infected simultaneously in the mouth and genital area, from kissing and oral sex, respectively. A positive herpes IgG test only tells you that at some point in time you acquired the herpes virus (1 or 2 or both depending on your results). My question is can I now infect him with genital HSV-1?

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to reach out to someone who will listen without judgment and with understanding. To be diagnosed with herpes, it was one of the things emotionally draining that have happened to me. So it really is possible to get genital herpes from recieving oral sex. I am 18, and I was just diagnosed with herpes, and I have a lot of questions about life after finding out. Long answer but I assure you,one that won’t kill you trying,cost effective (16$ a 100+ caplets) 3500-4000 mg a day at onset,when very stress or suffering from inflammation or infection elsewhere in the body take 3500 a day.I tell ya,try it even next outbreak (have it at home and in a bottle,at work) to be ready to boost that immune system ASAP. In this tutorial, Chris Schach M.D., discusses diagnosis of this painful condition caused by reactivation of the chicken pox virus (varicella-zoster). I have been taking Valtrex since the day my test results were given to me.

As someone who has oral herpes it kinda pisses me off he didnt tell you for a year that is how I got my wonderful friend. I have just been diagnosed with herpes. My first outbreak was January 2015. The sores were like ulcers. I just recived my test result yesterday and i am still shocked by the news! This would be the rock anyone in the world, I’m sure, but this is an even more sensitive issue for them because they had a little self-esteem after being raped as a teenager. We’ve been having sex for over a year now & my results came in positive today.

I keep thinking how am I going to live my life with this under my belt? I was diagnosed with HSV 1 genitally 2 months ago and it pretty much turned my world upside down. I am very happy today to share this amazing testimony on how Dr. In fact, most people do not have outbreaks, and yet are herpes positive, which is why the infection is spreading so widely. I appreciate that it’s currently very painful for you, but it would be extremely difficult to ascertain whether your symptoms are any worse than the next person’s symptoms. I just realized that i need help, I’M terrified, and so. Upon hearing the news he basically shrugs, asks if it’s dangerous for baby ..I say not really, he says he loves me and wants to hold me..I cry more and we fall asleep.

Once you have been infected, the virus remains in your body, just as chickenpox and some other viruses do. I went almost a week without knowing I had it and then when I noticed more sores and pain I finally went to the doctor and was told that I had herpes. 42 patients diagnosed with genital herpes, are 15 and 24 years. 2) After he performed oral sex and then we proceeded into intercourse, if genital HSV-1 was transmitted at that time, could he have infected himself???