I do not have herpes, but I have been HIV+ for many, many years, and I cannot imagine a happier life). This is known as a statute of limitations. just that the ideal case would be able to address that issue with as much certainty as possible. You’ve caused her a lifetime of grief, all because of your stupidity.[\quote] Wow “U make it entertaining” — what an ignorant response. You would need to prove that having H has significantly ruined your life. Are these laws a deterrent to spreading the virus or could they actually fuel the epidemic? Because she knew she was HIV-positive at the time, prosecutors can charge her with the criminal transmission of HIV in addition to the aggravated battery charge.

You can file for an order of protection and injunction at the justice court where you live. the plaintiff, wife, contracted herpes from the respondent, husband, and the plaintiff filed a petition alleging that respondent willfully, recklessly, and negligently transmitted the disease to plaintiff without informing her of his infection. I’ve lost count of the number of days I’ve spent crying about it! It’s important to know that there are different ways to talk with someone about your STD. How can you sue someone for giving you herpes? Showing that you asked him and he knowingly lied would be a major goal of yours. Viral serology cultures are extremely sensitive and can be used as a screening tool but are very poorly specific.

But while the jury is still out on whether or not she got the virus from a tester at the concert, Greenidge is right in that you 1. Still think herpes is more of an inconvienence, but yanno you take a chance with everything in life, whether it’s driving to the store, eating fast food or walking across the street. If you suffer from an STD due to the negligence of others, call the attorneys of Oshman & Mirisola in New York today for a free consultation at 800-400-8182. In the state in which I live, it is illegal to have sexual intercourse with someone when you knowingly have an STD, so I decided to hire an attorney. Meany, the Supreme Court there awarded $125,000 to a divorced wife who claimed that her former husband had transmitted herpes simplex virus type II (genital herpes) during marriage. If he is a serial cheater, is that considered a ‘sickness’? Well then, she had sex with Phil Rudd (AC/DC’s drummer), and she unknowingly passed it along to him.

I guess someone who never had any sex of any kind could do that. If somebody has a medical history of Herpes, and they allow a partner to have sex with them unprotected without warning them, they can be held criminally liable for spreading contagious diseases. Australia and New Zealand (whose highest court was at the time still based in London) but also to some degree in the ahem former colony of the United States. Finally, you will need to prove that you were infected by the defendant and not by someone else. Not only sue for medical costs. Quite a few folks use sizzling tea bags for healing these sores quickly. Thanks.

When it can be proven that one spouse infected the other with an STD, however, awards in other states indicate that awards for damages can be significant. I of course initially thought she was trying to upset me or cause me to react then I got tested and found out she was indeed telling the truth. Though state laws differ, they typically include both HIV as well as other communicable or contagious sexually transmitted diseases. The two flirted, exchanged numbers, and Kayla claims that night they met up at Trousdale nightclub on the Sunset Strip. Lastly: filing a civil suit means making your bedroom problem a matter of public record. Seriously, if you shoot yourself can you sue the person you bought the gun from? This is necessary for me to be paid for my work and so that I can get credit for assisting you.

California has passed the willful exposure law which makes it a felony when an HIV infected person willfully exposes another to the disease through sex. In our state, it is illegal (charged as a criminal misdemeanor) for anyone to have intimate contact without telling his or her partner of the infection. It also celebrates the success of Missouri’s anti-puppy mill law against challengers, and the first lawsuit filed against ag-gag laws in the United States. Cameron Williams, I study law as a hobby; not an attorneyWritten 43w ago Yes you can sue. When I confronted him he denied it, but stated it not so bad to live with. I’ve been involved in a few of these cases where the party to be sued didn’t want it made public record so they settled early, especially in a small community.