I knew damn good and well I could cure HSV/herpes and she was not just getting in my way, she was getting in the way of those who were desperate to be cured so we battled and we attacked but more importantly I learned my lesson. , de Groot, R. Urine is normally acidic to control pathogens and to prevent kidney stones. It was written by a man in the 70s far beyond his time. Therefore, evidence of quackery nor safety issues behind claims are not allowed unless in line with the moderators beliefs. If this were the case though then the MAJORITY of the population would have serious acne lesions. He was also warned that in the first days of the treatment blood will begin to flow to the affected part and that the appearance of blood in the bandage is a good, not bad, sign, since it is only by way of a renewal in the flow of blood that the wound will heal.

Real gallstones are not bright green and they are opaque due to their calcification. Calcium bentonite, also known as “montmorillonite,” is the most popular clay for use internally in North America, although there are many different clays throughout the world that have the same therapeutic properties. The resultant decrease in blood flow could theoretically even increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes as other blood vessel constricting agents are known for. Yet some people claim that raw milk is alkaline while pasteurized milk is acidic as where other people claim all forms of cow’s milk are either acidic, neutral or alkaline. She notice that her belly where she had those hard lump are all gone and where not hard as it use to be before taking MMS. Just place in an open container and allow the chlorine to dissipate overnight. Though drinking a lot of water helps, supplementing with the amino acid L-Ornithine  can be vital.

In an alarming narrative, Vaccine A recounts this scientific tragedy-from the U.S. Nigellone offers both anti-spasmodic and bronchodilating properties which contribute to Black Seed’s potency against respiratory ailments. Re: wow simple AIDS cure that has been suppressed! You should have at least 1/2 cup, more is best (up to 3/4 cup). I’m a lawyer, not an artist or some touchy feeling type. And again, this contradicts his earlier claim that alkalinity causes cancer since HBOT will raise the pH of the blood increasing its alkalinity. The first step is to determine the latitude and longitude of your location.

Absorption is poor due to rapid conversion of iodine to iodide[ii] and this might explain why one needs to take very high doses of Iodoral or Lugol’s compared to Nascent Iodine, which seems to bypass the digestive track altogether, meaning its absorption starts right in the mouth and continues through direct penetration of the stomach tissues. I was greatly thrilled to hear her experiments and experiences of U. From my understanding and intuition, the effect occurs as microbes are killed and they release a few cellular toxins. Often, this is the common Candida infection, but in other cases may involve one or more unknown virus or bacteria. Since I’m currently doing a No Lip Balm Experiment and don’t use any kind of moisturizer the skin on my lower lip still builds up into big yellow/white crusts which fall of every other week. After payment, you will receive an email requesting your photograph. Submit your photograph and Tom Paladino will begin the sessions.

It is worth noting that while mild symptoms may be the usual response, anaphylactic response and death have occurred. But what does Wobenzym N actually do? Most people reported great results from using pure coconut oil and caprylic acid based products. What he didn’t realize was that one of his dreams would become the basis for a groundbreaking anti-cancer formula. Toxicity analysis in-vitro and in mice showed that the company’s Tetrasilver Tetroxide (TST) does not produce toxic side effects and that healthy tissues are not effected. (please confirm this with a doctor) UREA is beneficial to the body —- that is why the LIVER converts useful amino acids into UREA. He also in addition to 10 dropperfuls of echinacea (or the dose for your weight) gave 4 to 6 cups of organic echinachea tea (use distilled or steam distilled water only as being empty has more phytochemicals that cure and prevent disease.

That’s the end of Part 1. As explained in my last post, chemtrails contain a nasty mix of parasites, pathogens, toxic heavy metals including barium and aluminum, and worst of all- high tech nano engineered particles designed in a lab to assemble themselves inside our bodies into nanomachines which will microchip us from the inside unless we do cleanses to remove the particles to keep them from assembling inside our bodies.