The second type of herpes virus affects the genital areas, such as the vagina, penis, scrotum (sac that holds testicles) , thighs, buttocks, and anus. 4 times that of the other males are born. That doesn’t mean opponents don’t have a point. Gay and transgender residents have their shoes stolen, he said. A systematic review identified 16 prospective studies of complications following neonatal and infant circumcision by a variety of providers from 12 countries and primarily using the Plastibell [6]. “I don’t know the answer but I think compliance is a potential issue with either approach,” said Dr. So too must the truth that some rituals can be dangerous and anachronistic.

(Ashfield 2003)  These treatment decisions can and should be made by the adult man. But nowhere near the increased risk to life and limb attendant to, say, skiing, bicycling or crossing a Manhattan street – even when the “walk” sign is on. For some parents, they’re not comfortable with their newborn having a procedure so quickly after birth, if you choose not have the procedure performed – make sure you speak with your pediatrician on tips to keep your son’s penis clean in order to prevent infections from occurring. They even recommend that doctors and birth educators give parents “nonbiased, factual” information while the parents are trying to conceive! Circumcision rates are dropping across the U.S. “It’s generally a safe procedure, especially with an experienced provider,” says Lise Johnson, M.D., division chief of newborn pediatrics at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston. First, only infant circumcisions provide the medical benefit of lowering urinary tract infections (UTIs) that are most prevalent during the first months of life.

You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0. In 2011, New York’s mayor, Michael Bloomberg, spoke out against the practice following 11 outbreaks of herpes in newly circumcised babies in the city. Jewish Medical Ethics: A Comparative and Historical Study of the Jewish Religious Attitude to Medicine and Its Practice. They were banned from performing the ritual. An hour’s car ride north, in suburban Rockland County, Alleyne has secured the cooperation of one of the largest ultra-Orthodox communities in America. Requiring a shaman from any cult to convey the government’s message runs afoul of that principle. Baby boys whose circumcisions likely involved the ritual between April 2006 and December 2011 had an estimated risk of contracting neonatal HSV-1 infection of 24.4 per 100,000 cases, 3.4 times greater than other infants, according to the health department.

The National Post reports that the tiny baby was transferred to another hospital – a children’s hospital but after severe blood loss he died seven days later. “The health benefits of male circumcision include a drop in the risk of urinary tract infection in the first year of life by up to 90 percent,” she said. Research studies in East and South Africa found that circumcised heterosexual men were approximately 50% to 60% less likely to become infected with HIV than uncircumcised men. If the foreskin is not too tight you may want to try other types of treatment such as a steroid cream or an operation to loosen or refashion the foreskin rather than remove it.Paraphimosis: if your foreskin is pulled back for cleaning or to insert a tube (a catheter) to drain the bladder and is not replaced in its normal position, the glans can start to swell, trapping the foreskin at its base.Balanitis and posthitis: balanitis is infection of the glans. Its support of the tradition reflects that of the Brussels-based Rabbinical Council of Europe. Clinical research has found circumcision can safeguard an infant from a number of health complications, most notably urinary tract infections. What actually happens during circumcision?Circumcision is one of the most common surgical operations carried out worldwide.

Those who performed the ceremony questioned any link between the practice and spreading herpes, saying they deployed herpes testing, hand-scrubbing and mouthwash to ensure it didn’t. Throughout his career, de Blasio has enjoyed ultra-Orthodox support. Two of those babies died and at least two others suffered brain damage. Nevertheless, circumcised men in the study had fewer genital ulcers. However, the debate of banning the circumcision altogether has been argued across the globe. It is important to know that it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics that all circumcisions be delayed until your newborn is more than 24 hours old and documented to be in a stable condition by a pediatrician. In the most controversial part of the ritual, known as ‘metzitzah b’peh’, the practitioner, or mohel, places his mouth around the baby’s penis to suck the blood to ‘cleanse’ the wound.

Studies link circumcision with numerous health benefits: the procedure is associated with lower risks of urinary tract infections in babies and young boys, and reductions in men’s risk of contracting HIV, genital herpes and human papillomavirus (HPV); it may also help reduce the odds of penile and prostate cancers.