Incisional hernia (occurs as a result of a previous surgical incision): In this type of hernia there is always a history of abdominal surgery done in the past. It is best to not bathe, shower or swim right after applying the Acyclovir Cream. Antimonium crudum treats cradle cap, the formation of a thick crust. Hemorrhoid Treatment –  Our herbal remedy is a combination of 6 powerful herbs. The condition gets worse after 3 a.m. Homeopathic medicine have an infinity to symptoms appearing on the right or left side of the body. They are limited to the face and neck, or to the upper chest.

Symptoms: Initial infection may not be noticed by the patient at times but if the lesions do appear they are usually more severe and subsequent recurrences tend to be milder. That is the main reason why we don’t have a herpes vaccine yet. Make yourself a ginger tea to alleviate abdominal pain. Unlike the typical Sepia patient who is often irritable and indifferent, the typical Pulsatilla patient has a mild, gentle disposition and tends to cry easily. Have you been vaccinated? Children born to allergic parents are genetically predisposed to the disorder. IBS is nearly always associated with psychological problems.

Take one teaspoon of flax oil, twice a day. The homeopathic goal is to inhibit the process of atherosclerosis naturally without side effects. of garlic and crush it with the knife. It is prescribed in the fist decimal potency for maximum effect. An individual may not feel well; yet blood tests give no substantial evidence. They are merely a way of suppressing symptoms. Eating highly acidic foods on a daily basis will acidify the fluids of the body.

Vitamin E prevents the formation of blood clots. It develops during the second month of pregnancy and lasts up to the fourth month. It develops during the second month of pregnancy and lasts up to the fourth month. They perturb the equilibrium of the vital force and diminish the vital action of organs. Associated sharp clutching pains which move up to navel from pelvis. Short of abstinence, the best way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases is by practicing “safer sex,” which includes limiting the number of sexual partners, selecting them carefully, and using condoms correctly until youíve been in a long-term, strictly monogamous relationship with no evidence of STDs in either partner. Arnica treats the onset of a migraine headache following a blow to the head (accident or injury).

Warts, or verrucae are benign growths or tumors caused by a virus and appear on the skin or the mucous membrane. It is given after the full moon. It is best used for treating thickening cracked skin. Homeopathic treatment will relieve the symptoms of Schizophrenia giving the patient an improved awareness of their disease and a deeper self-consciousness, thus contributing to permit the patient a healthier life quality. Drink eight to ten glasses of water, per day. Cretinism is congenital hypothyroidism. Patient is worse by lying down, turning or rising in bed.

Consult one of our Experts Now for freedom from COPD for yourself or your loved one! Everything I was telling you is the truth so when you think about this, you will soon realize how blind a lot of us humans have been to the actual economy around us. Atopic dermatitis may alternate with asthma or hay fever. When there is a higher than normal amount of cholesterol in the bloodstream, it can cause a condition, known as atherosclerosis, where deposits of fatty material piles-up in the inside wall of an artery and restricts the flow of blood in that portion of the blood vessel. Choose foods that give you the most nutrients at the lowest calories. Treatment wise, homeopathy is considered one of the safest, because there are no side effects and the ingredients are natural. From 1981 to 2006 over 25 million people have died due to HIV infection.

It is considered high when the reading is greater than 140/90. Scabies is a contagious skin skin condition caused by infestation of certain mites called ‘Sarcoptes Scabiei’. Med. It was my third or fourth year in my private medical practice and was very excited in treating her case . The hepatitis B virus is 50 to 100 times more infectious than HIV. 2.Homoeopathy –  The patients of fistula are usually advised surgery for their problem. The question has now been solved.

In my practice, I have successfully treated many cases of urethritis using only homeopathic medicine or in combination with herbal medicines and have found them to be an excellent treatment option. Known causes include infections or auto reactivity (Causa occasionalis/ Tolle causum) i.e. alcohol or food abuse. They tend to bleed easily. Medical research has yet to come up with a method that can safely and surely cure cold sores in an effective manner.