In the living room, covered ceilings feature a markedly simplifi ed trim detail and a larger scale. Interior designer Cherie Zucker mixed neutrals with pops of saturated color to create a bright and airy living room. If you are considering building this type of home, take an afternoon and meet with us. She also added a interesting mix of contemporary decor with more classic ones, making this home a well-balanced space perfect for any family to live. Taking cues from the natural landscape, the house gracefully flows down the hill toward the pond, allowing for an extensive walk-out basement. Characteristics generally include a single, flowing roofline, a design that blends into a wooded landscape, an absence of ornamentation, a natural color palette, and a purity of line. “We had a strong piece of architecture to begin with,” says Behrooz, “but shifted the geometry of the addition to turn the house toward the sun, so the rooms would get lots of light.” The nine-bedroom, triangular-shaped home was featured in HC&G last summer.

Upstairs, what once was a series of small rooms, was turned into a spacious master suite hidden behind a sliding reclaimed wood barn door. This is reflected not only in the white painted wood siding , but also in the traditional gabled roofs. This is reflected not only in the white painted wood siding , but also in the traditional gabled roofs. The houses that emerged during this era became just as important to the area’s architectural history as the prevailing shingle style home. A spa, exercise area, and baths round out the program. Once the clients learned that Cooney grew up in The Hamptons and Stofft had designed Shingle-style homes on Martha’s Vineyard, they were ready to get started. The simple palette of natural materials keeps the focus on the view…

Escape. Often, an upstairs sleeping porch was included as well. Shingle-style homes need towers, preferably with windows all the way around, to create places to gather in the sunlight and capture the surrounding views. . The elegant drawing room with an octagonal enclosed porch and marble fireside is perfect for both formal and informal gatherings. The kitchen and breakfast bay open to a side yard which could feature a small garden or, in wider lots, could be the perfect spot for a swimming pool, play area, or tennis court. There are four bedrooms: three upstairs, for the couple’s children and guests, and a ground-floor master suite that opens onto the back terrace, which is paved with elegant bluestone and connects to a tranquil swimming pool.

All the living space was on the first floor and small bedrooms for the kids were crow-barred upstairs. Wraparound windows take advantage of the slight projection. “We believe in being responsive to the site and the clients, because sites, people, and environments are so different depending on where we work. The mahogany entries are surrounded by stone, and the innovative soffit materials offer an earth-friendly alternative to wood. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. So for those of you dreaming about your entrée into Hamptons real estate—or perhaps just researching a summer timeshare—we’ve rounded up the best-looking homes from the pages of AD, from a multicolor modern abode in Hampton Bays to a Shingle Style beauty in East Hampton. And while the interiors certainly beckon you to put your feet up, you can’t possibly ignore the property, where you can take in the lush greenery (or perhaps a few cattle) and breathe in that intoxicating fresh air.

The hand hewn oak floors were hand finished in a multi step process of stain and wax and were done by Historic Floors in Greenwich, CT. Simple, yet beautiful, this architectural style is a true expression of American individualism and casual living. After renovating a 19th-century London row house from top to bottom, Ian and Clair considered themselves rather savvy homeowners. Shingle Style Cottage Plans Excellent 20 Contemporary Shingle Style House Design | DigsDigs was posted on November 17th, 2015 that match and good ideas that suggested to you, for inspiration about you search. Home architecture styles tend to vary by region and even by state within a region in the U.S. This new contemporary home in Venice, California, that features elements like a backyard guest suite, open-plan living, a swimming pool, and a sunken outdoor lounge. I enjoyed my stay.

The new home introduces a fresh take on traditional East-coast Shingle Style architecture. A thought seized us recently as we were discussing a previous blog post on the history and influence of shingle-style architecture. The white paint is in the mudroom entrance. We  have a fabulous renovation of a  shingle-style home  to share with you today. Gable, hip, gambrel and shed roofs and dormers can all be found on Shingle-style homes; in many cases they can even be combined on one house.