Aye, “Hoots hen, ull jus gie Nessie a wee spin roon yon McDonalds, be back’n aboot 8.5 seconds!” Nah I’d rather the Grenache VE thanks! They have the HSV badge on the left and the VXR badge on the right in the same place as our vauxhall vehicles. I think that is where the noise is coming from. There was no options list for the Monaro so it has pretty much everything as standard bar SatNav. TTS Performance – TTS Performance are specialists in Rotrex supercharger conversions. (there’s always a distinct lack of VPC staff on when I ask questions :() 😉 maybe because you like to argue???? The check engine warning only comes on occasionally when the engine is cold or you’re sat in heavy traffic.

Jumping from one into the other on the track and on the street, however, they couldn’t be more different. Head unit was next, went in about 6 weeks or so ago. Also interesting is the hatchback profile. Not been able to test drive yet as nothing local, so trying to do some initial research. With 241 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque, it was a serious performance machine. youve got mazda 3 you set on getting a brand new car? Or else how do they work?

Cops here would have you in deep poo too if caught using most drag radials though. u dnt think this is case of this spark plug tip falling off in block? I know the front camber was not set to specification, but I thought that having more negative camber in the realms as above on the front would give much improved handling and cornering capability without going to the extent of having a negative effect on the tyres. The Monaro is a bit different, a bit unusual. How did you go with your rim repairs ? “Even if we replace it with a four door saloon I think that gives it slightly more appeal because then people can feel they’re getting [a BMW] M5 without spending as much,” Mr Barnard said. I am no longer unique 😡 Is it an official VXR500 or retro-fit?

He said he knew someone who worked for Vauxhall – not a VXR dealer but someone who apparently has personal knowledge of the LS2 as I think he has/had one fitted in a hot-rod. I love it! I know some people have put eyelids on which covers the worst of it. Anyone got any pics of a red Astra with White wheels? The red, white, green and even the grey are really common colours on the Corsa E’s already. 44) Aaron10VXR – Arden Astra 45) LostInTheMays – Black Astra 46) j-cdti – 47) VXR_GEE – Arden Insignia 48 ) nebwal – Arden Corsa 49) bmac – Astra Burg 50) VXR Sparks – 51) andygray – Arden Corsa? Anyone know if it’s compatible with 2004 Monaros?

The car has been sat in my garage for a while. Anyone here know more about its history ? They’re only available as 18×8 inch rims, 38 offset and 71 centre bore (using a plastic spigot to reduce it down from the generic BMW size). When I try to get parts from Holden, they said they couldn’t order the parts for us because Holden did not import the car. But if it’s 2 hours, I’d be pretty happy. After driving a Golf GTi (DSG), Renault Clio Sport and a Ford XR5 for comparisons, I would have to say, as an all round package, the Mazda wins. Well then, why doesn’t Holden makes it’s own line or performance vehicles?

If anyone wants it though, be warned I’m hoping to sell the Burg and have a new car all sorted before my insurance is due which is the end of September. All we need now is VXRs and APs! I drove a 130 a few weeks ago and was very impressed with the vehicle as a road car. Had a quick search but can’t find anything. I am quite sure if it was combined with an effective traction control system, LSD and some sticky tyres it would be fine. Rüsselsheim. Forza Horizon 2 Wishes: Character Customisation: The ability to have certain modifications to your character, like clothing, accesoires, body modifications, etc…

Yeah mate unfortunately they still use the crap. Well i picked the 3 MPS up on thursady after letting the Astra VXR go. Depends whether you understand what he’s trying to say or whether what he is saying is actually incorrect ? I guy in who lives ten miles away has an LS2 VXR Ro I have seen him a couple of times for a chat but he does not really use the internet so is not on the forum, I gave him my mobile number last year when I see him, he gave me a call yesterday saying he was having trouble engaging gears but it was still drivable, but has to engage first gear with engine off and then start the engine with clutch peddle down.