Remember to bring your glasses and/ or schedule a ride home. Use a “sun blocker” after the procedure area has healed to prevent future fading of pigment colour. Gather relaxation aides for after the procedure – books, movies, etc. * Glaucoma. In the meantime, you must rely on the experience and credentials of the artist you choose to provide your procedure services are very important. Bactroban will draw out the ink. If the body is showing weakness in an area which is unknown, it is sensible to strengthen the body from the inner core.

I would be happy to provide that information in a complimentary consultation or on a phone call. Each pigment has been developed with the highest quality ingredients, along with F,D&C (food, drug &cosmetic) FDA approved colorants. If the body is showing weakness in an area which is unknown, it is sensible to strengthen the body from the inner core. 6)      If you are having the eyeliner procedure done, as a safety precaution, in case of watering or swelling, we recommend that you have someone available, or accompany you, who could drive you home if you so decide, or if it is necessary. VISIBLE OUTER HEALING completes in about 3-7 days for eyes, 7-10 days for lips and brows. If you absolutely must wear it, please buy a brand new tube (to prevent unwanted infection). If you have had any type of eye surgery, consult with the physician about how long you should wait before having a permanent eyeliner procedure.

Pigmenta uses hypoallergenic ion-oxide based pigments in a variety of shades to guarantee the perfect custom color that the body won’t reject. Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least 2 weeks. It is a popular procedure for those who wear contact lenses, are allergic to conventional makeup, or have dexterity difficulties which inhibit accuracy when applying eyeliner. Are your eyebrows sparse due to over tweezing or a medical condition? You should wait till treated area has completely exfoliated and healed. If you wear contact lenses and are having the eyeliner done, do not wear your lenses to your appointment and do not replace them until the day after the procedure. Once you are happy with the shape, we will begin the procedure – which usually takes an average of an hour and a half.

The scientific structure of pigments and the requirement for periodic refreshing is identical to that of tinted hair color; faded material on furniture that may be located near a window and subject to sun exposure; house paint that is exposed to the sun and other environmental elements; pigment implanted in the skin may fade with time. Sometimes the procedure causes temporary swelling, redness and in rare cases, bruising. Lips – Lip liner holds better because tattooed on skin. I also chart the pigment and procedures used for each procedure. No need to re-apply lipstick anymore, just gloss if you choose! We don’t want any previous body oils or cosmetics to rub into your new permanent cosmetics. Eye Exposure: There is a small risk of eye injury when the eyeliner procedure is performed.

Karen’s procedures are referred to as “permanent” because the color is implated into the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. I will provide you a clean, safe, and sterilized environment that has been inspected and permitted by the county Health Department. Some people do not bruise or swell at all. Keep eyebrows moist by dabbing a very small layer of vaseline onto the brows, until healed. Comfort levels vary from person to person but the benefits far outweigh any discomfort you may experience. Permanent Cosmetics also known as Micropigmentation, is a cosmetic technique which employs the selective implantation of cosmetic pigments into the dermal layers of the skin. · You have sensitive skin or allergies.

is the art and science of implanting colour into your skin. Results are touch-up needs and shorter permanent makeup’s life. After the 6-8 week period touch ups and adjustments may be done. NO water, cleansers, creams, makeup or any other products on treated area for 10 days. • Do not expose area to full pressure of shower until all scabbing has fallen off. Still tender. Do not expose area to full pressure of shower until all scabbing has fallen off.

It creates a permanent “Lift”. 3. Understand that Fever Blisters are a very common side effect of lip tattooing. This will numb the skin. Do I have to be out of work? Most people get some swelling with any and all of the procedures so do not schedule appointment prior to special meetings or events where you want to look your best. Most women opt for a subtle look, but a more dramatic look can always be achieved.

Anything less would be a risk.