If it continues, becomes heavy or starts again, tell your doctor. HOW TO TAKE YASMIN Follow all directions given to you by your doctor or pharmacist carefully. Decide with your doctor or clinic which is the best day for you. on the first day of your menstrual bleeding. If you have unexpected bleeding As with other Pills, for the first few months, you can have irregular vaginal bleeding (spotting or breakthrough bleeding) with Femme-Tab ED 30/150 between your periods. Each new pack is started with a white tablet on the same day as the first pack, so that you have 21 days on white tablets, then 7 days on red tablets. Oral contraceptives may increase the tendency to develop strokes (stoppage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain) and angina pectoris and heart attacks (blockage of blood vessels in the heart).

1. If you do not understand the instructions printed on the wallet or in this leaflet, ask your doctor or pharmacist for help. How to take it Take one tablet daily at about the same time each day. You have a choice of which day to start taking your first pack of pills. ANOTHER KIND OF BIRTH CONTROL (such as condoms or foam) to use as a back-up in case you miss pills. If you do not have a period while you are taking the red tablets, and there is any chance that you have not followed all the instructions in this leaflet, contact your doctor to check if you are pregnant. If you have more questions or think you might be pregnant, please contact your nearest clinic.

It is important to regularly check your breasts and you should contact your doctor if you feel any lump. You must use an additional, non-hormonal method of contraception (such as condoms or a diaphragm, but not the rhythm or temperature methods) until a white tablet has been taken daily for 7 days without a break. There is no break between packs. 3. You must also use an additional non-hormonal method of contraception (such as condoms or a diaphragm, but not the rhythm or temperature methods) until you have taken a brown or white tablet in the correct order every day for 7 days without a break.Then take one tablet each day; following the arrows so that you are taking the correct tablet for the day of the week until all tablets have gone.You will have a ‘withdrawal’ bleed, similar to having a period, during the week of the red tablets. ALYACEN 1/35: Take the first “active” peach pill of the first pack on the Sunday after your period starts, even if you are still bleeding. Do not continue to take oral contraceptives until you are sure you are not pregnant, but continue to use another method of birth control.

How can mother-to-child transmission be prevented to improve outcomes? To suppress outbreaks, treatment requires taking pills daily on a long-term basis. If you are concerned about this, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist. If your doctor has prescribed Minulet for some other purpose than contraception, follow their directions closely, even if they are not the same as on the pack. You should discuss the information provided in this leaflet with him or her, both when you first start taking the pill and during your revisits. How long to take it Continue taking your medicine for as long as your doctor tells you to. IF YOU HAVE VOMITING OR DIARRHEA, for any reason, or IF YOU TAKE SOME MEDICINES, including some antibiotics, your pills may not work as well.Use a back-up method (such as condoms, foam, or sponge) until you check with your doctor or clinic.

I’m not sure, frankly, where I come down on this at this point. Pap Test: A procedure used to examine the cells of the cervix in order to detect infection and hormonal conditions. For example, female genital mutilation (female circumcision) increases the risk of reproductive tract infections and difficulties in childbirth. What if it’s HSV2? Are pregnant Smoke (or stopped smoking less than a year ago) and are 35 or older Are very overweight. You should have regular breast examinations by a healthcare professional and examine your own breasts monthly. Smoking, while taking oral contraceptives, further increases this risk.

You may need to use sanitary protection, but continue to take your tablets as normal. Blood clots are a rare occurrence when taking an oral contraceptive. A micronized capsule version of natural progesterone (derived from wild yams) was developed more recently. Common PID symptoms besides lower abdominal pain include fever, unusual vaginal discharge that may have a foul odor, painful intercourse, painful urination, irregular menstrual bleeding, and pain in the right upper abdomen (rare). You should also follow your doctor’s or healthcare provider’s advice with regard to regular check-ups while you are on the pill.