Im a male. I need to know if I am at risk for HIV. She finished with her mouth and I removed the condom. Therefore, patients with such conditions need to tell their ophthalmologist of their medical history so that a full evaluation can be completed and discussed. If there were no signs of blisters or sores on his/her mouth at the time, then you’re not likely to get herpes. The encounter included protected oral and vaginal sex, which in total lasted maybe 10-15 minutes. I fingered her while she was performing oral on me.

I don’t believe there was any skin to skin, but she could have put it on with her mouth. Usually herpes simplex -2 (genital herpes virus) is transmitted from an open sore to a break in the skin or through bodily fluids, so unless you had a break in the skin at the base of your penis it is very unlikely that you would be infected. Having said that, the chances that you received HIV from the act you describe is essentially zero. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) don’t need much more than a wet, warm environment to set up shop, so the mouth is as hospitable as the genitals. Under these circumstances, most obstetricians would encourage the mother to undergo a caesarean section just to safeguard the baby’s health. Please be patient as we ask in our read before posting post on the forum:) protected oral sex is as safe as it gets. Accordingly, I have no personal experience with docosanol and no familiarity with its side effects; I cannot comment on whether you are having drug-related irritation, a continuing herpes outbreak, or something else entirely.

I have handed in a mid-stream catch urine sample and waiting for the results. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. I regret doing this. I note that you indicated you have been diagnosed with HPV (genital warts) in the past. Then we started talking about STDs and he brings up Herpes! Currently there is no symptoms showing, but there seems to be a slightly different feeling around my genital area. The abiding condition of the disciple becomes one of ‘love, joy, peace, long-suffering [patience], kindness, goodness, faith to the brim, meekness and self-control.’ (Gal.

But the fluids from her mouth on your penis skin and condom from when she put it on do have a smaller chance of infecting you with any kind of sexually transmitted disease that she might have inside her. I’ll be happy to address your concerns. If you or your partner has or may have herpes, you should use a condom every time, regardless of whether one of you is symptomatic at the time. Today I hired an escort for an hour. Due to the limpness of my penis I’m not sure if my it even went into the vagina, but I know it at least scraped the outside layer of the vagina, protected, of course. have you asked her if she’s ever had cold sores before that she can recall? She first asked me to wear a condom but i think we had a miscommunication to what i wanted.

Sexual risk behavior and risk factors for HIV-1 seroconversion in homosexual men participating in the Tricontinental Seroconverter Study, 1982-1994 [published erratum appears in Am J Epidemiol 1997 15 Dec; 146(12):1076]. If you have or suspect you may have a medical, mental health, legal or other problem that requires advice, consult your own caregiver, attorney or other qualified professional. My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex, but we have done oral. 2) What is the risk of other STD’s? The burning sensation you have noticed may be psychosomatic but it is a change so testing is a good idea. She finished with her mouth and I removed the condom. And neither syphilis nor any other STD would cause the symptoms you describe.

Thanks for your question. Commonly scalp rash pimples blisters or boils; It may be due to localized conditions involving the skin and hair on the scalp or may sometimes arise systemically and can simultaneously occur on other parts of the body. I hope I’m not bothering you too much, but this information is really helping my friends and I understand more. She also fondled my genitals while the condom was off and I also put my penis between her breasts without a condom. Yeast infection in men is rare but that does not mean that it doesn’t occur. She touched my penis (not eracted that time) for a while then put on a condom to give me oral sex.