This gives the non-herping public a better view of herpers and herps. In the dunes I immediately found an Egyptian fringe fingered lizard, Acanthodactylus aegyptius. A gecko is a great animal for achieving this on warm nights, with many allowing the photographer to pick them up,  put them down, allow them to walk a few steps and then use a twig to curl its tail into the frame. So we were a bit stuck. This is determined by both the lens and the film or sensor size. Just before I was officially informed, I shouldn’t do that , I saw a Worm Lizard escaping deeper in the ground. A snake brought back from the dead, by something we all use everyday to clean the dishes?

The gardener, at the property, grabbed hold of a grinder. Raukawa gecko, also known as the Common gecko (Woodworthia maculata). Driving through the desert looking for reptiles is not as easy as it may seem especially when the instinctual behavior of most reptiles is to freeze when a ‘predator’ is coming within range. The striped juveniles were very active during the sunny part of the day. The hand-drawn images are sometimes incredibly accurate, and other times really poor (B. Aquatic coral snake (Micrurus surinamensis). This adds friction and softens the grip so the risk of injury to the snake is reduced.

Herptile species are also collected for food (snakes, turtles, and mudpuppy salamanders are just a few species that have turned up in food markets in North America alone). At my destination I immediately came upon a DOR rough green snake, Opheodrys aestivus. . A flock of 15 or so wild boar, Sus scrofa, adults and young, came down the mountainside digging up the ground foraging along the way. Camera – Our photographic gear has improved seriously over the years. I understand that out of state licenses are expensive (I buy them when I travel), but so is gasoline for road cruising, so are hotels, so is food, so are flights, etc., all of which we readily spend money on to herp. Retracing our steps back toward the truck, we encountered another large male with its tail still inside the burrow.

These are up for adoption. You may get lucky up north but seeing as it is winter… That should do it. Decided to grab them, to get to know who was mating (in vain). haha, yes yes, Wayne’s are great too …what birthday? A good camera can have a big impact on your herping trips, it’s awesome coming home with quality photos of the herps you found. Also, be careful.

The first time I lifted it there were two copperheads and a large adult Texas rat snake under it together. * May 15th 2013 – back from N Greece & Milos Had a great tour, including an absurd adventure. This was a morning trip to Pearl River Wildlife Management Area. I would never ask anyone to give up information on their “secret sweet spots.” That’s like asking a mushroom hunter “Hey, where do you find your morels?” Sorry if I came across as rude or intrusive. It easily set up in a minute, and is of great benefit for photographing small herps. Sure enough…. Here are a few common animals in a different look.

Garter snakes were usually the only reptiles that frequently bit us, other than skinks, which also seemed to have a proclivity towards using their jaws to send a message. Hell, as far as I was concerned my dad was Marlin Perkins! There is nothing like walking through a wooded area on search for a specific species and finally coming upon that salamander, snake or frog. Think like your herping in a large national park! Part 2 will have content from the Top End of the Northern Territory. Local field guide for the types of animals you want to see…  If going Herping this will most likely just be a reptile and amphibian guide, but it never hurts to get a birds, mammals and / or invert guide too. Just the process of lifting cover will always do this to a small extent unless the air is more humid than the ground – the better adhered the cover is to the ground, the worse the effect of lifting it is going to be.

For two magical days herps appeared on or next to the path. My wife and I just returned from our honeymoon in Honduras this last week. I’m Richard Lunsford, a 34 year old Psychiatrist living, working & herping in & around Southwestern Kentucky. All i know of is whiterock and i’ve seen pretty much everything it has to offer except sirens… The act of trying to find, to seek or to search for wildlife for the purpose of taking wildlife. Andrew and I decided to take a long weekend at the end of August this year to go visit my mom and do a little field herping in Oklahoma.