Oh, okay, that makes sense. It is anti-virul. Seek, I know you are discouraged, but these parasites are very intelligent and are master survivalists. coli The berberine, aids in the secretion of bile and is good for liver problems, that is also a mild laxative, and helps the digestive processes. When such women now get married they now find it difficult to conceive, running from one gynecologist to another. And, don’t forget also dental toxins. Since the programme flushes the body of toxins and restores health it has also shown great promise with cancer, diabetes and many other systemic diseases.

Kidney cleanse is simple and cheap, many herbs can be used to cleanse kidneys. I can do all my work from my chair. Grapefruit juice allows less of the drug to be broken down, so more remains in the intestine and more is then absorbed into the bloodstream over a longer period, as though the patient had taken more of the drug. It’s logical, too: vinegar has been used for many centuries to preserve food, precisely because most life forms cannot survive in such an acidic medium. May I suggest older people take liquid vitamins sublingually (under the tongue). So simple and easy: I guess the wart virus, just like the tinea fungus, doesn’t like acidic mediums. Correct me if I am wrong but when I had it done I was told it cannot diagnose any particular disease.

Just like I eventually developed multiple autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s, rheumatism, and Raynaud’s condition), many people who have one autoimmune disease will likely develop others if they don’t eliminate the culprit from their diet or from their environment. EVEN BATMAN[[AKA “BAT BITCH”]] AS THEY PUT IT OVER AT D.L.E. The eyes treated with topical corticosteroids long are prone to further occurrence of fungal infections of the cornea. •A number of fungi, yeast, and protozoa are also inactivated or killed by monolaurin. FENNEL – This herb is known to be anti-parasitic. Elecampane also has an anti-bacterial effect that purifies the lungs. Some of us may have heard of the recent case of a British man who had headaches, seizures and memory loss for four years, which later was found to be caused by S.

Pets and domesticated animals are not the only ones spreading parasites – mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice and all other biting insects transmit protozoa (one cell) parasites to humans. *lysine – High – impaired metabolism of lysine. but I still need to continue treatments, I will try asprin cure – as I had shingles many years ago & it still seems to pop up occasionally – hence viral component to my immune disfunction, and lysine (2000mg)& vit C (few grams) helps to send it into remission but it returns whenever it can. Garlic also has antiamoebic and Antiprotozoan properties and is especially effective against Entamoeba histolytica and Paramecium caudatum. NOW, along the way of this “healing journey” WOW–have there ever been CO-FACTOR’s that all make the puzzle fit together. cholerae ,staphylococcus, Escherichia, Proteus, Salmonella, Providencia, Citrobacter, Klebsiella, Hafnia, Aeromonas, Vibrio and Bacillus genera. MALARIA – this is a blood parasite transmitted by mosquitoes that affects red blood cells.

The surgeon was right; bad idea and no relief. It’s creamy and comforting qualities can help satisfy a variety of cravings while still properly nourishing the body and soul. The colonies then can develop into complex, three dimensional structures housing millions of individual microbes. Whatever the cause of that headache, you have no idea how glad I am that it’s gone. The above have been collected over many months. I found the pharma grade 600 mg, NOW Coq10, 60 to a bottle, at (NOW), and that’s enough to do quite a few doses either in a row, or spaced out every couple of days. 1981).

Q. LIGHTLY ozonated oil, NOT fully ozonated- people have gotten very sick from taking the fully ozonated. People find out they really do have parasites, and after a few months, they have the idea that if they just take one dose of a pharma drug- it will kill all their parasites. She would then spread it on a square pre cut piece of fabric ( usually cut from an old T shirt ) She’d use a Iceing knife or Butter knife to spread an even thin layer over the cloth. Promiscuous homosexual men, illicit drug users, multiple blood transfusion recipients such as haemophiliacs and people subject to multiple infections become increasingly liable to give a positive result the longer their immune system is weakened, regardless of HIV. No side effects have been reported. This is in contradistinction to Monomorphism which means one (mono-) body or form.

WORMWOOD–The MOST POWERFUL of the parasite killing herb kingdom. Candida yeast causes countless health problems may be caused by a yeast infected partner.