.. Very classy. If you use the A/C blanking plate on the RH side you’ll have to drill its hole too. nice looking hsv. Apparently, so long as you can win one sales race, or championship now.. Door rear view mirror. Plastic cambelt cover pieces (haven’t found a new left-side one though), cambelt and other belts, spark plugs, waterpump, thermostat, and rebuild kit (O-rings, etc) for the hydraulic (de)tensioner (, US).

Regardless, firing up the cluster now gives me 000,000 Miles and a “NOT PROGRAMMED” between the Odometer text and the mileage. I also want to thank the following people, because I certainly didn’t figure this out all by myself: DSMinVA for the original POC here on LS1GTO Beerman and 06phantom for figuring out the security algorithm Tazzi for explaining ALDL stuff and original cluster R&D Stoopalini for the spreadsheet Slow for eeprom dumps and the Tech 2 ALDL dumps Chris White for showing that this is possible And everyone who beta-tested stuff. Think his price is $299 but don’t quote me. The fastest Animal (bird of prey) on earth. Suspension wise, the AU Wagon like all the Falcon wagons since 1960 comes with the trusted leaf-spring live axel system, very tough, can carry heavy loads and also for towing its simply the best option (NOTE: Holden have also had to revert back to leaf springs in the Crewman cross 6 and 8, and the one ton Ute – but not the AWD versions just the RWD versions) the front suspension is simply a beefed up version of the AU sedan, handling is not the best (she handles like a boat) but the ride is very compliant and once you get used to float on the Why’s, it actually is very easy to drive. you got to remember the time though VL Walkinshaw group A holden group A both of these were awesome cars then the Director was aimed at the high… the welder plus attachments is $700, welding rods $45 a packet, dremmel tool is $180 and cutting grinding consumables kit was $42.

Cool huh!!?? Or it is an error. the blinker switch mechanism/wiring is the same from hq to hz and will accept the hq hj arm and also the hx hz wiper/switch arm..wb is different because of the hazard light switch.. The car is fairly low so and I do not have any problems what so ever with my 20’s, the offset on my 20’s is is 45+ and I believe the VX GTS wheels are 48+. IMHO it think the P76 is a great ride, but the P76 & the mighty Targa Floria did receive some perhaps unwarranted, nut none the less bad press. Installation typically takes 30mins. There is some rust but quite unreal compared to many you see.

Its good for a larf!!.. According to your plate details the chassis number should be 01019B. was it an option at the time? the old 5ltr is a good reliable engine so i dont wanna spend all that money and end up with a dud piston slapper thats probly 3 yrs out of warranty… Enough screws to fix the small bows including pics of locations etc. Not worried about rims just yet, havent found ones I like. I’ve recently replaced the new tyres 235/45×17 and wheel alighnment a day ago.

I’d prefer an alfa specialist over dealer Lance Dixon because i’ve heard they can be quite pricey? I have nothing to add except to say that I did a quote on insurance on a XR6 = $772… The thermo time switch tested as faulty, so a picked up a secondhand replacement, courtesy of Monza Motors. heres a couple of sites with prices current at the moment in aus. If you are only planning light modifications the Forced Iductions Technologies (FIT) pulley upgrade is good. in no real order Executive, Lumina, Berlina, Calais, S, SS, SV6, SV8, SVZ, Thunder, Storm, R8, GTS, GTO and a few more – We went from a prototype 2 door coupe at the motorshow to the CV6 and CV8 / CV8Z Monaro – The VS III ute was finally put to rest in 2001 with the introduction of the VU (VX shaped) ute. One cause of fires in these cars is a broken clip, and the rod sliding across to an unprotected battery positive terminal = short circuit.

I use Penrite 10w-50, technically because mine has re-honed bores and new pistons, it’s new like yours. No, I’m not joking. Roughly $43K IIRC? On the performance times: Well, I was off. and will just beat falcons and commodores. Judge a successful man not on how he treats his peers, but on how he treats those less fortunate. Got the car home this afternoon and took some pics.

Noticed the glovebox appears not to have a lock anymore.