Jill currently attends Vatterott College and works part-time in our kennels. We already trusted this hospital with our previous two dogs and three cats but after the experience with our new pup, this hospital will be our number one for all of our present and future pet needs. There is always something new to learn and some new species to observe. At the next roundabout go straight across (hamburger-type roundabout) heading south on the A423. My specific area of expertise is in Chelonians ( primary- Box Turtles ), Phrynosoma ( Horned Lizards ), and Crotalids ( primary- Western Diamondback Rattlesnakes ); though I have some knowledge and/or experience also with aquatic turtles ( primary- Red Eared Sliders ), tortoises ( primary-Sulcata and Horsfieldii ), monitors ( primary- Savannah ), many other smaller lizards, and with some colubrid snakes. While chelonians do shed their skin, it usually occurs in pieces, and not in an entire shed skin all at one time, as snakes do. Elevations in liver enzymes may indicate liver disease, changes in kidney parameters could be signs of renal disease, and protein levels in the blood help diagnose hydration status and inflammatory diseases.

Overall, were they receptive? Your ball may need systemic antibiotics, given by injection, and it may need to have the ruptures sutured. For most anticonvulsants (medicine used to prevent the occurrence of seizures), there are no established doses or protocols developed for animals, including reptiles. Need a Herp Vet? The current law requires importation and ownership permits for most herps. The fluids they over fed her with! If MBD is involved, then the husbandry problems must be corrected, as well.

Margaret A. Choosing an antibiotic should never be made just because an antibiotic is handy or easy to acquire. Look for DVMs who appear to maintain actual veterinary offices that you could contact. The Salmonella bacterium can be harbored by many species of animal, even if they show no outward signs of disease, so it is very important that children are taught to always wash their hands after handling their pet herp, and that they should never kiss their herp or hold it up to their face. Our Care sheets section contains valuable information on caring for your pet. You didn’t say what you are feeding your turtle, but if you can get any commercial name brand turtle pellets or sticks, then you will be offering a base of balanced nutrients. You didn’t say what you are feeding your turtle, but if you can get any commercial name brand turtle pellets or sticks, then you will be offering a base of balanced nutrients.

For dogs and cats, pet dental care is an important part of routine wellness. Some vets have insight to diseases that affect both humans and animals. In stock. This is why it is important to get your snake seen before it becomes symptomatic, meaning that it is becoming ill or stops eating. I have the proper needle and calcium pills that I could dilute in water, but I would not do that unless I knew it was safe. He grew up as an only child but he never craved another sibling due to the fact that he always had animals around him. Need a Herp Vet?

Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Services. – only do products that can safely come into contact with skin), and tape a small piece of substrate inside one circle, and a scraping from any wood furnishings in another circle. What may be causing the swelling? bearded dragons), please supply the information to Reptile Rooms, as they are dedicating their efforts to understanding this disease! A lot of … Tycho is just fine, having turned twelve a couple of days ago. This is a fun and educational environment that promotes conservation through education and captive breeding.

The problem is she will not eat now. I have heard of an owner that hand-fed a blind chameleon twice a day for its entire life after it became blind, but that is a huge commitment. becki, the Island Fence Lizard, is a unique species – Sceloporus becki. It’s similar to looking for a good general physician. Learn how to keep your herp happy. It’s similar to looking for a good general physician. This owner maintained her frog in a terrarium with the water maintained with the proper parameters for pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, hardness, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

I brought my 10 week old, now 14 week old frenchie here and received great care. The photo may have been manipulated since upload (rotated, flipped, cropped etc). The IFWP has been introduced again as two bills: H.R. Keep no more than three baby beardies in a 10-gallon tank with a secure top. Eye problems in leopard geckos can be serious. I have a male palm gecko, newly acquired from a pet store in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.