This is why it so often afflicts the aged. We gave her a 16 ounce bottle of colloidal silver and asked her to try it. While there have been no clinical studies on this subject that we know of, the anecdotal evidence is pretty compelling. Join us for free support, information and recipes to help you with your low carb diet. The FDA has not reviewed or approved this material. No question about believing it worked in my mind. While there have been no clinical studies on this subject that we know of, the anecdotal evidence is pretty compelling.

VOTE NOW: Should Parents Have the Freedom Not to Vaccinate Their Children? In actuality, there are a number of natural remedies, which can help manage and relieve shingles and possibly even eliminate the virus. The generators, however, tend to create large particle size silver, which is not what you really want for long-term storage or regular use. Immunity – Strengthens our immune system helping prevent infection and illness. Pain from shingles can be excruciating, oftentimes described as deep burning or “stabbing” pain, often in conjunction with uncontrollable itching and deep, debilitating aches. This prescription-only silver cream is used to help prevent serious burns from becoming infected, since most burn victims don’t die of the burns, but from the subsequent bacterial infections in the dead, burnt and necrotizing skin and tissue. Even a dear friend who makes his own colloidal silver and drinks an 8-oz glass every day has never had a problem.

This, of course, is no big surprise to the millions of colloidal silver users who have used colloidal silver topically on everything from cuts to burns to bites to acne outbreaks, boils, shingles, topical fungal infections and more. Most Doctors know the antiseptic properties of silver. (A colloid is a unit of measure with the particle size within a certain range.) Particles are clusters of silver atoms. When first made Colloidal Silver is clear, like water. In addition, you should drink two teaspoons of structured silver twice a day. Colloidal Silver shines a spotlight on the over expensive and deadly nature of the pharmaceutical industry, who are larger than the Pentagon economically. According to National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), colloidal silver is a preparation containing very tiny particles of silver suspended in demineralized water or any other liquid.

After I got a silver water generator she has not had a severe attack since and only gets symptoms when we forget to give her some silver water solution say every 2 or 3 weeks. Three beneficial colloids and the conditions they can help treat 12/19/2013 – Many cultures throughout history understood that certain colloids – solutions in which one substance is evenly dispersed throughout another substance at the microscopic level – contained important medicinal properties. It is able to protect the human body from various infections and stimulate new cell growth. And for each listed condition, they briefly explain how colloidal silver has been demonstrated to help. Some medications can cause rashes, as can insect bites and stings. Will not miss get special Offer for The Best Herpes Product (Does Colloidal Silver Cure Herpes : Shingles Symptoms_ Precautionary Measurements). side of the ISS utilized iodine as its water cleansing agent of choice, while the Russian side took advantage of antibacterial silver for water purification purposes.

It acts as an antiseptic also but unlike other antiseptics doesn’t burn on the skin because it only kills the germs on the wound whereas common antiseptics kill the surrounding skin cells also, causing the burning sensation. -A weakened immune system often triggers a shingles outbreak, so it’s not really surprising that other problems would follow. Now as overdosing on silver, whether we are treating lyme with silver, or a run-of-the-mill infection with silver, can cause serious side effects, I typically don’t suggest that silver be used without supervision, and it probably should be reserved for more serious infections. would they? Since the solution was very inexpensive pharmaceutical companies could make no money. Historically used for: Abrasions, Abscess, Athletes Foot, Atopic Dermatitis, Athletic Foot, Bee Stings, Boils, Bruises, Burns, Eczema, Gangrene, Herpes, Shingles, and Pox, Insect Stings, Itch, Psoriasis, and as a healing ointment after black salve use, etc. Unfortunately, very few clinical studies have documented these dramatic healing benefits of safe, natural colloidal silver on skin conditions.

Constantly sick with one type of bug or another in the previous year. Their claimed particle size is pretty small, though not nearly as small as the 0.65 nanometer particles found in Utopia Silver and Mesosilver true colloidal silver solutions. Using it this way is very different from the methods alternative medicine has promoted – generally less targeted and higher doses of silver used over long periods of time which tend to lead to damage. Whereas prescription drugs are known to cause damage to the brain, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys, colloidal silver kills germs and pathogens without harming human tissue.