Masonry isn’t cheap, but the repairs done by someone who is trained in the craft will literally last a lifetime. With over 37 years of experience – we are a Mastic Elite Contractor who can provide you with outstanding product warranties and our own 10 year workmanship guarantee! In the short term, painting is definitely less expensive than installing new siding on your home, but after a few years this changes. We have an A+ with the BBB and have won the BBB Gold Star for customer service 7 consecutive years. The experts at Way-Mar are here to help you choose the perfect vinyl siding type and colour combinations to work with the style of your home. Repair damage from carpenter bees, woodpeckers, rot, decay, etc. You’ll have to keep applying sealant to the wood to prevent warping.

Complex manufacturing techniques create impressive mimicked wood textures. Have a quality exterior primer mixed up, and make sure that it closely matches te paint color—and for best results, it should be tinted a few shades lighter than the paint itself. Cedar is a wood commonly used outdoors because it is highly resistant to rotting. Today’s main concern of consumers in regards to siding is the selection and wanting to avoid too much of one thing, and not surprisingly, many people are not interested in the full board and batten look of their home as it would give a barn appearance. It should last several years before needing a refresher coat. When used with optional Fullback® Foam insulation, Foundry vinyl siding significantly reduces home energy bills. Cha-Ching!

ft. Monogram Vinyl Siding Monogram offers the widest selection of color choices in three classic styles with rough cedar texture. With Power Comes Great Responsibility Keep your eyes open and watch where you’re spraying. A new septic system, newer roof, furnace, water heater, wood boring pest cert., are just a few of the recent improvements, and the Dam assessment has been paid in full! Most of these are easy to fix but how you actually it depends on the kind of siding you have. Boards are cut to various lengths from 8’ to 14’. Discoloration that does not bleach is due to other factors and requires further investigation.

Mildew or mold and algae affect the wood’s appearance, but these cosmetic damages do not destroy the wood. Keep an eye for any signs of termites such as discarded wings, mud tubes, or fecal pellets. One major manufacturer of composite siding offers a 50-year warrantee; good cedar shingles can easily last that long in reasonably favorable conditions. This will protect plants from any possible damage to the greenery from bleach runoff. Complete care and maintenance recommendations are available in the CSSB’s Care & Maintenance Brochure. It can also easily replace or complement fiber cement or engineered wood siding. 4 Seal the freshly washed cedar siding with a commercial-grade water sealant.

Next, we wash your home with a power washer using low pressure to avoid damaging your siding. Cedar shingles used for siding purposes are a bit different from wooden shakes. The good news is that there are several ways to prevent damage to the siding, all of which include good maintenance by the homeowner or a licensed siding installer who can give you tips, help restain the siding and help secure any loose shingles. To remove dirt, simply wash the siding with a little warm water and phosphate-free soap. But for the basic price vinyl is cheaper although stucco usually looks a lot better than the basic vinyl siding. Siding choices include shingles, clapboard, vertical siding, beadboard, moulding & trim. Cedar Discovery siding offers the warmth and beauty of real cedar, with a premium placed on long-term protection.

While more expensive, a home in Austin with cedar siding will undoubtedly stand out in neighborhoods full of vinyl. Under the sun in the Southwest? I haven’t done one of these in many years. At the 2015 International Builders’ Show, James Parks, national sales director for the Foundry line from The Tapco Group, reviews the new Foundry Prime 5-inch Shingle that offers the look of cedar with the zero-maintenance and durability of vinyl. However, when you factor in installation requirements and maintenance, you may feel differently. Only, by 1989, creosote preservative was no longer available. Through the Absolute Color Technology, Grayne has created an authentic natural cedar look previously only found in real wood shingles.

It will add the rugged charm and natural beauty of cedar shingles to any home, whether it’s whole-house siding or a distinctive accent. My husband and I are residing our house. Cedar & Wood Siding is a beautiful, natural, environmentally friendly choice for people who value rustic elegance. Cedar shake has long been a favored exterior finish, but it has a reputation for being high maintenance.