I am also full of energy and regaining my exercise program, along with daily yoga stretches. Thank God!!!! Someone suggested he try colloidal silver. After each treatment, I noticed it was easier to walk normally. The only things that can degrade colloidal silver in a bottle are strong sunlight and heat, so you do want to store Sovereign Silver in a dark, cool location. Can be inhaled into the lungs with a nebuliser to heal respiratory infections. The Curad product contains 55 ppm silver chloride, plus an unspecified amount of silver nitrate. has it. This causes mild inflammation, which is a normal part of healing. Claims that it will “turn you blue” are simply the result of gross ignorance, or some other agenda. Prior to the introduction of antibiotics, Colloidal Silver was used widely in hospitals and has been known as a bactericide for at least 1200 years. Use Colloidal Silver internally for any health problems and externally for cuts, burns and any skin irritations. Not surprising, colloidal silver is also not listed in UK drug guides and E.U. The net is changing my life.

Some doctors and hospital administrators are forced into looking at copper and silver… They do so for many reasons, but chiefly because you can make an entire quart of fresh, pure colloidal silver for about 36 cents or less with a high-quality colloidal silver generator, rather than paying a whopping $20 or $30 for a comparatively tiny, four-ounce bottle of store bought colloidal silver. One is the skin discoloration. Bacteria, fungi and viruses cause a great majority of minor illnesses we have today from runny noses or colds to minor food poisoning. Using the proper water soluble solution ofionic silver we believe there are no side effects and there is no harm to the essential bacteria found in our intestinal tract. I then soak both my feet at the same time. Curad bills this product right on the label as “Your barrier to MRSA!” — a claim which would probably land any other colloidal silver vendor in hot water with the FDA, and have their product pulled off the market.

Because of constant scratching, the rash became infected and turned into a bad case of cellulitis on my feet and ankles. But it takes consistent breathing of manganese dust from industrial sources for that to happen. The New England Journal of Medicine, May 20, 1999; vol 340: p 1554. Becker – Researching Medical Doctor Dr. 4. In addition, take 1-2 tsp of silver sol in the morning and at night. pneumonia and influenza.

Silver has no known purpose in the body. Colloidal silver can be taken indefinitely because the body does not develop a tolerance to it [1]. Irritation from shaving probably accounts for this. Oz endorses GMO labeling, interviews Jeffrey Smith about health dangers 10/25/2012 – (NaturalNews) During a recent segment he hosted on genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), Dr. In many rosacea patients, the eyes are also affected, feeling irritated and appearing watery or bloodshot. i have no proof other than my own experience. Squalane – Squalene oil is the most common antioxidant and fat produced in human skin, and it acts a natural moisturizer.

It promotes faster healing of cuts, scratches, burns and wounds. Wound care/Skin health – Colloidal silver preparations can be used for topical use to treat burns, thrush, periodontitis, and even skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema . She said her grandfather used it to help minimize his shingles throughout his life by applying this silver water to his skin when he would either feel the tingle of a breakout coming on, or once the breakout had begun. Blood, for example, carries nutrition and oxygen to the body cells. “Originally, I just saw an ad for a colloidal silver generator in a magazine and the picture stuck in my head like a song might stick in your head. I was shocked when I saw their dear dog, Pepper, who had the worst case of mange I’ve ever seen. Jock Itch (Tinea Cruris) is similar to athlete’s foot and is caused by a tiny fungus that grows best in dark, damp conditions.

Colloidal silver can also be made at home, but that shall be discussed in a separate post. A 10 nanometer silver particle is more than 1000 times smaller. Mesosilver supplements your immune system to fight pathogens. Write something about yourself. Many years ago, silver was also used frequently to stop the spread of diseases and as a natural antibiotic. My girlfriend has herpes on her mouth. Depending on the preexisting strength of your immune system and how you treat yourself (rest and recovery vs.

Colloidal silver is made from particles of silver suspended in a liquid base. As a result, my health has never been better. In this case, colloidal silver has apparently been introduced to the small island nation of Jamaica by a local named Devon Hall.