However, there are core vaccines that should be administered at least once yearly to all horses because the diseases are found throughout the United States.The core vaccines include tetanus, eastern/western equine encephalomyelitis, West Nile virus encephalomyelitis and rabies.Today’s article covers vaccinations typically administered to pleasure or recreational horses and competition horses. Hi I have sex the night before with a girl, I do not know, and I woke up dis morning and noticed I have 2 small scab near the tip of my penis skin front and Futher down the shaft 2 is small red spots I ‘m worried that this might be the herpes, but these would be sympthoms come as fast as I realized the needs, say within 12 hours of sex, what do you think it does. Herpes fear is often based on serious untruths, so let’s clear some things up and talk about what it really means to live with this virus. No other sexual contact 7d ago: irregular, erythematous, macular rash on mid-shaft. We are not dermatologists, and in any case it is not an appropriate role for distant experts to make a specific diagnosis. The rash doesn’t hurt really, but it is sensitive in that area. Skin injury of the glans; Poor personal hygiene; Phimosis; Diabetes and other endocrine system disorders; Allergy to skin care products or synthetic underwear; Mechanical irritations due to the use of condoms or if there is a lack on natural lubrication in a woman during sex.

where the glans is attached to the shaft). After a few days I went to the local clinic and after a brief visual inspection (probably less than 30 seconds of looking at my penis) the doctor told me from the description of my symptoms and the exam it was probably fungal and to apply Lotrimin and it would clear up. Doctor prescribed antibiotics / cream of mushroom. Herpes progenitalis is a viral infection of transmitted most commonly via s*#*xual route. This is my origianl post for the history. It goes away on its own but returns again. I let it go thinking it would just sort itself out for a few days because I had a two week trip abroad planned in the next few days.

i used to have keratosis pilaris on my buttocks and arms and what i have on my glans looks very similar to it, the red patches are tiny and seems to have pores and when i stretch my skin i can see a lot of them underneath the skin. Could this rash on my penis be a yeast infection? Around 2 days later i developed redness / small spots on my penis tip and general soreness ./ burning . My problems started about a month and a half after seeing this girl, however I have tested clean for all STDs (not sure if herpes tested tho). 15, I received a lap dance from a naked stripper that unzipped my pants so that I was only covered by my boxers. The most common culprit is said to be Candida spp., though Gardnerella vaginalis, Bacteroides, Trichomonas spp., staphylococci, mycobacteria, Entamoeba histolytica, Borrelia vicentii, Treponema palidum (syphilis), herpes simplex virus, Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), anaerobes and streptococci have also been implicated. My first reaction was maybe something to do with friction or heat.

The pimples has stayed and has not grown in size. It is the size, shape and color of the spot that helps to determine whether there is something to be concerned about. It’s a red, patchy rash characterized by flaky dry skin, and only seems to be affecting the skin that is normally covered by my foreskin (I’m uncircumsized). thought it was herpes but negitive herpes swab. Nicholas J. These bumps may appear as large patches or small acne-like, similar to canker sores or red patches with raised white patches circular wounds, among other manifestations. A few weeks later, I developed a small rash on my penis glans next to the urethra.

Clinical laboratory tests are not perfect, and having a “negative” or “nonreactive” test does not mean that a person is free from infection. It used to hardly ever be visable until after sex when a subtle red rash would appear.(a year ago, and sometimes it mostly goes away to this point)  Now the red rash is visable all the time and after any friction it is very apparent. honestly it does look like its improved a little. i used to have keratosis pilaris on my buttocks and arms and what i have on my glans looks very similar to it, the red patches are tiny and seems to have pores and when i stretch my skin i can see a lot of them underneath the skin. I’m just concerned…what could it be? However just a few days ago I started to get a sore throat and congestion again, but the sore throat went away in about a day or so.