Cold Sore 6 Dpo

I plan probably bursts of hemorrhoids, but there was nothing like that. It is still days too early for pregnancy hormone to show a postive HPT. most recent. Because i am having a lot of symptoms that i know are not just in my head but 5-6 dpo seems kind of early. For years I have always gotten canker sores when I get AF. With a successful pregnancy? You know the next two week while the full course of several years.

I’m 6dpo. 7th September; 1 DPO – BD, Sore throat, EWCM. Maybe I have a stomach bug. My temp has also been over 99.0 since Thursday! smell better gagging with cleaning back teeth really thirsty and every single pregnancy before the + I have a “sickness” like a stuffy nose, cant breathe well, sore throat, sniffly or slightly bloody nose. I took 2 tests just to be sure. I’ve also had a bit of blood when I blow my nose, gums bleed when brushing teeth, cramps, and fatigue.

at about 6 weeks i started craving pickles like crazy, i would finish a whole big jar by myself in about a week or less. I had a total emotional meltdown in the morning and was Miss Grumpy all day. Am trying to hold off testing till 10dpo as if all these symptoms are from early implantation then should show up by then! These symptoms, now, 1 week past my first BFP (tested faint BFP at day 11 post ovulation) have all lessened. Felt like gas bubbles in my uterine area, but no gas comes, just bubbly..? The only promising symptoms I’ve had are red, flushed cheeks three days in a row, cramps yesterday and today, and today I had heart palpitations. I also didn’t like the taste of my favourite meal and my boobs were tender so I had a good idea it had happened this time!

Also happened the beginning of this month. It’s good hearing all this positive news! It was just very frustrating to not be able to begin *trying* for six months, once we felt ready, while many of our friends seemed to be getting pregnant the first or second month of trying. 5-6 DPO – Tugging behind belly button, caught a cold. I’m curious if any of you experienced the cold’like symptoms around implantation and about when. And last but not least what I did the most of was Pray!!! Having these terrible allergy like symptoms this cycle, but I am only 5 dpo so I’m thinking it’s not related!!

Cramping bad today and lower back and leg pain :)) ttc #2. So maybe im not a 28 day and more of a 35 day? Wednesday 1st Oct 11dpo – watery CM, breasts slightly tender and womb aching slightly, usual pre AF. Regardless, I hope this becomes a useful resource and lots of BFP’s are added here throughout 2012. So maybe im not a 28 day and more of a 35 day? So out of curiosity, I decided to use yet another of my expensive tests, just in case. Peed on another internet cheapie…

Squirrel, 13 DPO, testing 23/11 Mrs C, 10 DPO(?), testing? I always said once I got my bfp I would post my symptoms because I loved reading the symptoms list while ttc. I wanted to find out if anyone got a cold during the first couple weeks of their pregnancy. Hi! Well my temp only went down a little this a.m. This is my second pregnancy. Like many of you, I had read this blog with the hope of having symptoms that would correspond to a positive pregnancy test.

Oh my goodness where do I begin??? 11dpo: one episode of cramps lot lasting long, feeling nauseous constipated and lots of gas (em arising lol) not much appetite and spots drying up well. Originally Posted by Bunnylicious I want to know too, cuz I read quite a few 2ww stories from BFP women,they got sore throat/fever/cold around 6-9 dpo, because of high progesterone level. Mine is not a conventional BFP story, at least this time round. I wanted to share my symptoms with you. We pride ourselves on having the friendliest and most welcoming forums for moms and moms to be! My first symptom was excruciating uterine implantation cramping.

Good morning — I’m feeling much better today (my nausea is gone). Hi! It feels VERY, VERY weird writing this for a future post i.e. Also veiny boobs are a great symptom. here’s a thought, start this thread fresh, and none of us negative nellies will bother. Omg I just posted almost the same topic. Annddd I’m back for cycle number 13!

This thread gave me hope and helped me through my two week wait, so I wanted to share my story in hopes it will do the same for others.