The damp and heat mixed together may lead to such problems as inflammation, allergies (especially food allergies), high blood sugar, weight gain, and urinary tract infections. In this study of patients with depression, both Prozac and acupuncture were shown to reduce inflammation. Many of these include: types of foods, chemicals, soaps detergents, jewelery, fabrics, and many more. Vaccinations are a known trigger in many cases, while interestingly, studies have found a protective effect from measles and other childhood infections which appear to train and regulate the immune system. The area becomes red and inflamed and a whitehead appears, developing into a pimple, which may become a blackhead or develop further into a painful cyst or boil. On the contrary, the bad food is the cause of many diseases in which you would not even presuppose secretly the soul, that it could be caused by the food. Certain foods are thought to be especially beneficial for various types of cancer.

The main causes of these pathological changes include invasion of wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire from the outside, and emotional disturbances such as excessive joy, anger, sadness, grief, over-thinking and fear from inside. Primary alopecia may be inherited, such as in male pattern baldness, or it may have no known cause. Yin is characterized by cold, water, downward movement; and Yang by lightness, heat, and upward movement. These techniques use the simulation of certain points on the body by inserting needles at a certain length inside the skin surface, thus removing any blockages that may have been present in the meridians.Using the pancreas points stimulates insulin secretion and kidney and bladder points control frequent urination. Every herb has its own characteristics and effects and combining them together can achieve maximum benefit and reduce the side effects, and also can adapt to the specific needs of patients, especially these patients with insomnia or mood problems. take 3g (1 sachet), 3 times per day dilute in a bit of warm water, take it before food. In Chinese Medicine practice, acupuncture is the primary treatment for both morning sickness and heartburn in pregnancy.

Dampness may be caused by poor diet, poor eating habits and/or stress. Acupuncture treatment to address the imbalance and stimulate the baby to become active and move into an optimal position. Furthermore, over time the pustules return. This includes eating fatty, greasy, deep fried and processed foods as well as canned foods. Olivia had always struggled with her weight, constantly overeating processed foods and suffering from an extensive list of stomach issues and allergies. In this case, the TCM doctor will heal the Qi stagnation in the liver and restore a smooth functioning of the Liver. I recently was talking to a man with a high-powered job who has been suffering from severe anxiety and sleep deprivation for years, and he casually remarked that he always “worked” in bed before turning out the light.

Similarly, our cells cannot function normally in a pro cancer condition, a condition that increases the chance of someone producing cancer cells. The most common symptoms of acid reflux are: heart burn, acid regurgitation, difficulty swalling (dysphagia), nausea, chest pain, …. Some of the other proctits causes include bacterial infection, allergies and malfunction of the nerve groups located around the rectum. Ulcerative colitis causes inflammation and ulcers in the top layers of the large intestine. The AMC’s acupuncturist, Steven Chiros, DVM used acupuncture to help decrease Basil’s nausea, improve her appetite and increase her energy.The photo above of Basil shows an acupuncture treatment in progress. The latter statement is Western medicine’s perception. Chinese herbal medicine has also been used for centuries to prevent miscarriage and promote healthy pregnancy.

One herb or combination of herbs that treat one persons psoriasis may be totally different than another persons. In most instances, dietary and lifestyle changes will cure constipation. As a result of spleen Qi deficiency, we can develop malnutrition, anemia, stomach gas, become overweight, have abnormal bowel movements including diarrhea or constipation. There are many direct effects on a person’s metabolism as a result of hypothyroidism: weight gain, weight loss, and a poor appetite, for example. Get to know us! TCM views hair as the ‘Surplus of Blood.’ That is to say, only by having strong, rich, nourishing Blood, which is circulating well and freely, can we have luxuriant and normal hair. The most important examinations are based on examining your tongue and wrist pulse.

What is qi & how does it affect the body? Acupuncture provides a safe, natural and effective alternative method to achieve cosmetic results. Stress is another enemy to magnesium because causes us to waste our magnesium. That translates to eating a lot of leafy greens for amino acids, minerals, muscle repair and fat loss – so having a tasty recipe like this really comes in handy.