What If You Can’t Tell Whether You’re Injured—or Just Sore? The moisture captured from the air by the Thermophore conducts heat far more effectively than a dry heating pad. You may want to double-seal the pack with a second zip-lock bag. Feb 16, 2012 — Major revision and upgrade. But in general, especially in severe cases, go with the advice of a medical professional. However, it was a small and flawed piece of research — and most people know from personal experience that a soak in a hot tub may “take the edge off it,” but this hardly constitutes a miracle cure for DOMS. At least 5 minutes of each.

Some recommend using heat during a warm-up to loosen up tight joints and muscles. There is the good old bag of frozen vegetables–not great, plus it is a bit of a waste. McIlwain, H. You will have hand warmers to use while you are out working or sporting in cold weather, a lower back pad to wear under your shirt, a neck and shoulder pad to use while you relax at home, and the knee and elbow warmer pads to address joint pain. One of the best remedies for sore muscles is swimming. For those with a chronic condition, it is important to use heat therapy before exercise to increase the elasticity of joint connective tissues and to stimulate blood flow. A quick and easy recipe to make a reusable slushy ice pack is to combine 4 parts rubbing alcohol to 1 part water and ice cubes in a plastic seal up baggie.

So even if you generally tend to only get six hours of sleep a night, try making it a routine to shut down at the same time. Closely monitor your head position over your shoulders to maintain a balanced relaxed head, neck and shoulder muscles with a forward head posture. HEAT: 48 – 72 hours after injury try using heat on the injured area. Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relievers. Blood vessels at the site of the injured muscle expand which causes pain, soreness and swelling. This can slow the healing process. Deep, slow breathing enhances relaxation and modulates pain sensations.

Relax. Apply a bag of ice wrapped in a towel or a gel-filled cold pack to the painful area for about 10 minutes. A bad knot might be a case of the muscle not moving at all, making it far less efficient at moving nutrients in and toxins out, and it’s entirely possible that it might become toxic to the point of ceasing to be capable of functioning as a moving muscle, in which case massage would substitute for that. Massage therapy Research suggests that massage is either ineffective or has only limited influence on DOMS, muscle repair and swelling. This, of course, also assumes that you have your injury evaluated by a sports injury specialist to confirm that the injury doesn’t require further treatment. You’ll need the help of a licensed biofeedback technician to learn this technique. This, in itself, generates action potentials that increases stimulation of sensory nerves and causes the feeling of heat in the brain [8].

Ice it. Still looking for answers? After a treatment, check for any signs of skin damage such as a change in color, rash, or blisters. Prescription medications, on the other hand, require a doctor’s prescription. MS, a right hand-dominant, 23-year-old, male athlete involved in martial arts, was brought to the Emergency Department (ED) for bilateral arm pain. I take issue, however, with the fact that Deep Heat isn’t used after exercise as a mild analgesic, but instead prior to exercise with the belief it’s going to warm the muscles and improve performance. If one – or both – provides relief without causing any associated discomfort, it can be a valuable part of your herniated disc treatment plan.

•  Heated gel packs—may be heated in water or the microwave, and can stay warm for about 30 minutes. Make sure that you do not use the pad on more than the medium setting or you may get burned. Cold compresses are highly beneficial in alleviating shoulder pain. It can be used on any part of your dog’s body where muscle damage, strain or spasm occurs. When you suffer any sort of muscle or tendon injury, your body’s natural defenses invoke an inflammatory response. Finally I had to tell him to stop. Soak your stomach as long as you can, working up to increments of 1 minute.

There is no protocol for heat, which is typically applied with a heating pad or a hot, wet towel, but limit yourself to 15 consecutive minutes. This is why using a Wheat Bag is regarded as being very effective at helping to relieve stiffness and improving flexibility in arthritic cases. In general, when used sensibly, they are safe treatments which make people feel better and have some effect on pain levels and there are few harms associated with their use.