Control acid (zhi suan): evodia (wuzhuyu), coptis (huanglian), cardamon (sharen), fritillaria (zhe beimu), cuttlefish bone (wuzegu), calcined oyster shell (duan muli). Raise lung qi (sheng fei qi) :platycodon (jiegeng), cimicifuga (shengma). Massage after the performance relieves fatigue of the throat. If the tongue coating changes from thin to thick, this indicates pathogens are penetrating deeper into the interior of the body. . Complement. Millet is gluten free, sweet, salty, cool, it boosts spleen/ST/KD.

Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Dr. This person could be anxious, fearful, and withdrawn, and in more severe cases, phobic. Xin Yi Hua and Cang Er Zi are the two most efficient medicinals to treat nasal problems, including all types of rhinitis and sinusitis. Other symptoms are water retention in the abdomen, which will affect the heart and lungs. This is a significant departure from chemotherapy which does not differentiate between healthy and unhealthy cells; all the cells are killed and the side effects are powerful and unpleasant. Remedies include meditation, yoga, walks in nature and gardening. This is precisely what I mean!

Qingluo Yin bamboo leaf, lotus leaf, luffa, mirabilitum, dolichos flower, lonicera Febrile disease of summer-heat type with light-headedness, blurry vision, or headache. So it should be red, but not bright red. 3. A Chinese herbal doctor drew upon respected Chinese herbal lore to design this unique formula to “cool” a stressed liver and to encourage an overall sense of well-being. raised) may be due to Cold. It’s due to the ginger, which can help with more than stomach pains. She then switched off the light and, much to my surprise, asked me to relax for the next 20 minutes.

The FDA recently warned about two popular eczema medications, pimecrolimus and tacrolimus (generally known as Elidel and Protopic respectively). Cause: Blemishes on either side of your chin indicate internal hormonal changes and/or stress. a. Hot soup made mostly from vegetables is a tasty treatment as well. What is also significant however, is the thermal temperature of the person eating the foods as there is an important interaction which allows foods to be used to heal disease. Pregnant women are not allowed to take it. Unlike most Chinese herbs, astragalus actually tastes pretty good as a tea, with a velvety texture and buttery taste.

Dampness sometimes joins Wind to exacerbate ill health. LIVER DETOX – This type of eczema will most often show the stress connection described above, with patients describing a traumatic event preceding the onset of the condition. Other patients might experience painful diarrhea accompanied by dry mouth and or a hot/cold sensation. An excess of ‘Damp’ also predisposes the body to yeast, and indeed this is the case, confirmed by microbiological testing of the scalp of seborrheic dermatitis sufferers. The herb materials used in all these preparations are gathered from wild supplies or cultivated, usually in China (some come from India, the Mid-East, or elsewhere). Use silver nitrate which cauterizes and burns ulcer surface tissue for very bad situation. The person may have symptoms of red face, high fever, sore throat, red eyes, thirst, red tongue, and a rapid pulse.

And then we smell, we use our nose. I accept that antibiotics are the medicine of choice for infections requiring hospitalization, including deep wounds into the blood, bone and internal organs, and post-surgical prevention of infection. There are many varieties of ginseng… Siberian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and American ginseng. It’s a tasty, healthy drink that is catching on outside of China and is so easy to make. Therefore, we must first look at our body as a whole and look for imbalances within it. However, it linked to some fairly serious side effects. Too much sugar, alcohol, fried, spicy, and highly refined foods, greasy or rich and heavy meals on a regular basis creates heat in the body and a lot of work for the Liver and Gall Bladder.

Nasal congestion, sneezing and a minor fear of wind blowing are general signs of an attack of a wind evil in cold and flu. SPF 15 MEDIUM PROTECTION. See our Acupuncture Point Categories section for a complete list of point categories. Below you find information regarding the ghost points. When the qi and blood flow freely, there is no pain. A sore throat is often your first warning sign that you have picked up a bug. “”According to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, cinnabar has sweet, cold and slightly toxic properties, and is associated with the Heart meridian.

The use of folk medicine has been widely embraced in many developed countries under the name of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine (TCAM) and is now becoming the mainstream in the UK and the rest of Europe, as well as in North America and Australia.